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Pinnacle of Parisian tailoring - Cifonelli Paris

A well-made suit sends out a powerful message of a gentlemen’s character, his authority, status and professionalism, for one who strives to look sharp and successful, a nice tailored suit become an essential ‘uniform’ that a dapper gent should have at least one set of their own. Possess 140 year of history, Cifonelli is one of the long-standing superb sartorial hallmark of the exquisite combination from Italian lightness of fabric, French tailoring tradition and English structuralism.

Renowned by the house’s signature shape and masculine shoulder of a jacket, its forward cut, felted wet with an iron that even master designer Karl Lagerfeld can recognize it from a hundred meters away. The talented Mr. Arturo Cifonelli marked the milestone of for the bespoke suiting house after succeeded from his father, the core spirit of this famous tailor-made house founded since 1880. Grown up in the Rome workshop and trained in the high reputed Minister’s Cutting Academy in London, Arturo acquired the most vigorous technique on making a refined bespoke suit, adding his talent and eyes on details, the signature Cifonelli shoulder has gained the adoration from the high standard clientele, with a significant decision that changes the history of the house, Arturo decided to move and settling in Paris and opened the new workshop as well as the boutique at 33 Rue Marbeuf in 1926. While the Italian style was becoming popular during 1950s, tailored suit connoisseurs from politicians and artists around the world all looked up for a precious piece of Cifonelli as their ‘essential’ for their closet.

Mr. Lorenzo Cifonelli

Anchored by Mr. Massimo and Lorenzo Cifonelli nowadays, both tasteful bespoke expertise gentlemen elevates the label to an even innovation and luxurious realm with the new vision of reinventing tailoring, striking a great balance between classic and modern style. The transcending vision and strategy leads their noteworthy collaboration with Hermès from 1992 to 2008, also their new offering on semi-bespoke and ready-to-wear collection since 2007. To both Massimo and Lorenzo, understanding how people lives and showing curiosity on making contemporary suits is extremely crucial towards their value of creating a great suit. Witnessing modern day gents on reminiscent the traditional and artisanal tailoring, the authenticity and personalization have become significantly crucial for their high standard clientele; lighter fabric, softer hand-feel and a breathable piece of well-made jacket is something that wins the connoisseur’s heart.

Mr. Massimo Cifonelli

Every single silhouette from Cifonelli literally tells you a story behind it, no matter from the emperor and authoritative ‘Alexander K.’ and ‘Edelweiss’, or military inspired ‘Apremare’ and ‘Baikal’ in square-shape pockets with flaps; to the polished and upright ‘Classic one’, or Duke-of-Windsor-like formality ‘Eton’ and ‘Clyde’; The smoking jacket like ‘Gala’ and ‘Imperia’ are my favorite among the rest with their handsome shawl collar, a perfect way to go for a cocktail that looks smart, sexy and manly stylish with a black satin bowtie, pleated-front tux shirt and a sleek black wool-twill tuxedo trousers. The entirely handmade workmanship from inner canvas, shoulder assembling to the little details such as buttonholes to lapel are remarkably discreet and delicate, taking 80 hours to create such a handsome bespoke suit is certainly a great evidence of tailoring excellence.

Fabric selections from super 180s to 220s extra fine wool, or either silk blended and linen, classic patterns from Prince-of-Wales checks to understated herringbone or fine twill, that gives the modern lifestyle and traditional tailoring perfection within a magnificent piece of Cifonelli that kicks off the new spring summer entering 2014. If you are about to look for your perfect men’s ‘haute couture’ for the new season, you have a great pick now!

Image courtesy of Cifonelli Tailor, Paris

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