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‘Le Dandy’ Edition Prestige fragrance - Parfums d’Orsay, Paris

With one of my previous article about an incredible book of modern day dandies, I just realized that the beauty of dandy not only appears in form of a beautiful book, but also in fragrance, and, even in 90 years old too! That’s when I came across the remarkable fragrance bottle of ‘Le Dandy’ Edition Prestige by a long-esteemed French perfume house, Parfums D’Orsay Paris, on celebrating this signature fragrance for gents with their 90 years of legacy and elegance.

Founded in early 19th century, the story of this perfume house starts with a romantic story of the gentleman behind, Mr. Alfred d’Orsay, an elegant and suave French gent that possesses a tasteful sense and discerning eyes; a son to a count and a baroness, Alfred has developed his artistic and aristocratic taste along his life journey travelling within Paris and London, also as a prestigious guest of famous elite soiree from Neopoleon III to Lamartine during his youth, his suave flair later gained him a name of ‘L’archange du dandysme’ (The dandyism’s archangel). Indulging his artistic passion in painting and sculpturing, the charming Alfred is also a very romantic and sensitive gent that fell in love with a fine lady, who inspires him immensely with great love and joy, however, the love story is not that easy for both of them, the beautiful lady is literally a wife of a friend of this fine gent that puts this love story into an impossible reality, under the heart-breaking circumstance, this French dandy transforms his feeling and his artistic passion into a talented force, devoted himself on creating fine fragrance, a remembrance of the fine lady he loved with the precedent fragrance ‘Etiquette Bleue’, the sensational feedback of this beautiful fragrance has become a success that touches people with such emotional story behind, and that leads to the birth of the perfume house that bears the French dandy’s name.

The fragrance ‘Le Dandy’ is one of the signature fragrance for gentlemen from the house, remains its core philosophy of originality, understated elegance and sophistication from the founder, the ‘Le Dandy’ Edition Prestige is an art of marking the legendary and touching story of this fragrance since its launch in 1923, staying true to its French spirit with admirable history, the classicism and the modesty of a fine gent’s character. Reminiscent to the artistic creation of the suave dandy Alfred, this remarkable fragrance was limited to 90 pieces with nearly 600 hours to produce, noteworthy details from the unique packaging, an entirely handcrafted black acrylic resin box cover, the clear glass bottle with black suspender and bowtie like a black-tie gent’s attire. Certainly, the quality of the fragrance itself is the utmost significant, evokes a refinement that is both surprising and modern, starting with a fruity pleasant note in pineapple and whisky, follow by the energetic scent in cinnamon and ginger that creates the structure of the fragrance, the sophisticated and masculine base note with sandalwood and patchouli completes the entire surprising elegance of men and delicious character which embraces the soul with suave, strength and love just like the founder himself. 90 years of legacy that stands the test of time is admirable, yet, understanding the story behind makes it even more worthwhile, each spray of the fragrance reminds the sensation of a passionate love, artistic flair and classic gent elegance, which enables the modern day gent who uses it to continue this amazing story of ‘Le Dandy’ to another 90 years, and even longer.

Image courtesy of Parfums D’Orsay, Paris

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