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Refined menswear bible – ‘The Parisian Gentleman’ the book by Hugo Jacomet

Ever since coming back from my recent Paris trip, I have never keep thinking of the wonderful places I visited, one thing for sure is I never keep myself away from finding some nice book about Parisian style and even the history of the city. Speaking about books and Paris, when it comes to the book of the year, on top of my list it needlessly be the pinnacle of mens style - ‘The Parisian Gentleman’ by Mr. Hugo Jacomet, which thankfully it finally appears in a printed version that one can physically feel and own this golden bible out of the online world. I have been looking forward to this remarkable book for quite some time, this exquisite copy that just released recently is the gentleman’s best friend when it comes to the finest and high quality lifestyle for a tasteful gent, especially for those who are interested to sharpen your senses and the secret of the impeccable French men’s style.

The journey starts with the exquisite and luxurious Smalto black tuxedo as the cover, then it takes you to visit some of the world renowned tailoring houses, leathergoods and fine shoes maker, also from selected prestigious perfume makers to luxury accessory houses, this literally takes the readers to be part of the tour of Hugo’s experience to meet all these incredible master artisans, to witness and understand their dedicated and refined craftsmanship which captured by the photographs with some of them are exclusively appear in this book.

This golden bible not only recorded the sensitivity, taste and profound knowledge of Hugo about his passion and journey in French refined menswear, it also expresses his appreciation towards all the artisans on dressing a stylish gent with their effort, beautiful craftsmanship and certainly the heritage.

Even without physically be in Paris, you can still sit back and relax to experience this Parisian style upclose and personal with these legendary artisans with this beautiful book, that turns your Parisian mens style craving from a fantasy to reality.

Image courtesy of Thames & Hudson, 'The Parisian Gentleman’ by Hugo Jacomet, published by Thames & Hudson.

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