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Guardian of arts know-how – Ephtée Bordeaux

For wine lovers, Bordeaux is undoubtedly a paradise given it’s the home of French fine wine with numerous of the high reputed and acclaimed winemakers located there, scattered along the River Gironde of the north to River Garonne running south. Besides this magnificent city attracts more than thousands of fine wine connoisseurs from around the world, there’s a hidden gem located just nearby this renowned city that one can find some amazing artisanwork there too! Marking Cenon as their home, the luxury trunk maker, Ephtée, is one of the treasure that homage the conventional savoir-faire, refined craftsmanship of trunk-making added their innovation and exclusive customization, making the household name shines beyond from this tranquil suburban town.

Founded since 1998 by the artisanal genius, Mr. Franck Tressens, who strives to create one-of-the-kind trunk that tailors to the daily life of tasteful individuals and connoisseurs from their travel to interior, implementing the art of handcrafted work in their living space. Passionate with beautiful shoes, Franck started his creation by to making exclusive shoe care kit for collectors including shoe boxes and shoe polishing accessories since the house founded, as soon as his creations being adored by his loyal clients, the talented artisan began to push his creative talent forward by creating some beautiful and luxury trunks. As one of the master craftsman of handmade trunk, the house is recognized as Living Heritage by the French authorities thanks to their perpetuated knowledge with elegance and accuracy, from the initial drawing and customization to the making process, each procedure is meticulous that Franck and his crafting team are putting their heart and spirit into their work with exquisite sophistication and style.

Aestheticism, authenticity and exclusivity have become the motto of Ephtée, which the house believe that each of their beautiful creation is unique and timeless that can be passed on to generation after generation, with their high rigour of craftsmanship and meticulous detail, such as elegantly hidden initials under a leather flap and secret bottom where one can put their precious belongings, these became a significant hallmark of the house as the guardian of ‘French touch creation’.

The versatility of Ephtée’s collection is undeniably clever and stylish, especially the handsome James trunk - a perfect and classy writing desk, and the Balthazar trunk – a genius shoes trunk that enables you to showcase your beloved fine shoes up to 32 pairs in an intelligently designed compartment, these exquisitely crafted trunk could possibly be a stylish showpiece that accommodates your bachelor style home interior.

Consider travelling in style like the glamorous early 20th century, how can one leave their house without a Gustave trunk with them? A cleverly designed wardrobe trunk that equipped with multiple drawers and hanging compartment that truly delivers your beloved and tasteful closet in good shape and style. Accessorize with the portable pieces such as the beautifully crafted travel pouch, shoe polishing kit and small wallet, all made with premium materials with exquisite finishings, that makes your travelling experience much stylish yet connects with the spirit of the art of savoir-faire at the same time.

Besides fine wine and the amazing view of River Garonne, now you have one more reason to be fond of Bordeaux.

Image courtesy of Ephtée Bordeaux.

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