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Fine dining with French history and mystery – Lapérouse, Paris

Something about Paris always fascinates me, one of them is their history that influence their ‘L’Art de vivre’ intrigues me a lot, from fashion to gastronomy, that always draws me back again and again. During my visit last year, there’s one place that I completely missed out due to my congested itinerary that I have to remind myself to go again if I visit next time, neither it is a monument nor a museum, but a very historic and unique restaurant that situates by the Seine River on the left bank.

Lapérouse is a quintessential French restaurant that filled with history and mystery, one has to look back to the heyday back in late 19th century, this restaurant is the place for legendary and famous politicians, artists, elite businessmen to hang around and of course, having their meals there. Apart from the sumptuous décor, the more intrigue part is the mystery inside the restaurant, while the beautiful dining salon is furnished with Renaissance flower damasks, neoclassic wall panel with large mirrors and classic wall lamps that makes the salon looks elegant and spacious, one of the most noteworthy place are hidden on the 1st floor, the floor where the private dining rooms located. The dark wood wall décor with portraits of some legends in the French history, among them including renowned French artist, Eugène Delacroix, adding the extra flair of nobility, power and mystery at the same time. Dated back then, these rooms provided privacy for these prestigious patrons on discussing serious matter, also, as the place where the members of Senate would bring their mistresses to go there, certainly the discreet of the interior becomes one of the key criteria for them.

Since Jules Lapérouse bought this restaurant in late 19th century, the restaurant strived to create the finest and of course the most authentic French cuisine to please their adored and important patrons, with their effort bringing a new chef in place in the mid 20s, Lapérouse was first listed in the Michelin guides. Nowadays, this beautiful and historic restaurant is still one of the most significant restaurant in Paris that draws people’s patronage not only with their exquisite and authentic French cuisine, but to reminiscent and experience the bygone glamour, the French noble power and history, and the mysterious stories that left by those legends from the past.

The table for my dinner is absolutely impressive, a very private table at the corner of the dining salon with a view looking out to the Seine River, watching the hustling and bustling street that contrast with the relaxing ambient and tranquility inside. The dishes are in superb quality, from the creamy and delicious lobster soup as the starter to the succulent Cod fish alongside with the fresh summer vegetables, a perfect enjoyment of a summer evening after a long day with this delightful refreshment.

Perhaps you may consider to try out this one of the kind experience during your next visit in Paris, something extra apart from a refined meal but to discover the historic mystery about the city of light, inside one of a sumptuous dining room in this remarkable restaurant by the Seine.

Image courtesy of Lapérouse Paris

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