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Sauternes magic – Château Guiraud, Bordeaux

After a memorable sweet wine pairing dinner recently, I suddenly realized that I have not been writing something about sweet wine for a very long time! Not just because I have left one of my beloved wine story behind, but just waiting for something that gives me the spark that motivates both my mind and fingers to do so, I guess the fairy of sweet wine did read my mind, not because they allowed me to swap almost the entire pairing menu (not the wine), but another most impressive thing is to listen to the intro by Mr. David Ornon, Brand Ambassador of Château Guiraud, one of the most renowned winemaking house in Bordeaux, talking about the heritage and the selected vintages for the dinner pairing of that evening.

As one of the notable Premiers Crus Classés winemaker in Bordeaux, Château Guiraud is no-stranger to all sweet wine connoisseurs with its remarkable heritage in Sauternes region, situated between the church steeple in the village, the 100-hactare vineyard became the legendary history of how this wine estate’s story begins. Château Guiraud became one of the household name for fine wine under Mr. Louis Guiraud, the son of Mr. Pierre Guiraud, in early 19th century, and gained the entitlement of Premier Grand Cru de Sauternes in 1855. After the death of Louis and a couple of ownerships throughout the century, this remarkable estate is now belong to four passionate wine lovers, which one of the gentlemen, Mr. Xavier Planty, Director of the estate, became notable to his long term commitment of organic farming, to manage the quality of the wine and the protection of the eco-system of the environment, letting the nature takes its course, which becomes one of the most innovative and revolutionary movement within the industry, enables us to enjoy the beauty of mother nature, at the same time, experience the profound heritage of the creation of a bottle of golden treasure.

While Semillon grape is the key ingredient for sweet wine making, one of the distinctive characteristic about Château Guiraud is their rare ‘Sauvignon’ style, which the said grape represents 35% of the vineyard, in turn it offers their unique complexity of aromas: a blend of sweet spices with citrus fruit and white flowers.

When ones looked at the borderless landscape of the estate, the poetic and beauty of the land with the sweet and earthy scent of the soil and the freshness from the greenery brought by the soft breeze, which recorded the perfect picture of the effort and rigor of the harvesting work performed by the house, which requires two to five tries, each hectare only produces an average of 12 hectolitres of the Grand Vin per year.

Given that exceptional quality and standard, which makes the wine of the house such a remarkable one that even some of the greatest chef of the century can’t even leave their cuisine without a glass of Château Guiraud sweet wine. The vintage 2011 could be very pleasant, with a mix of 65% Semillon and 35% Sauvignon Blanc that aged in 90% of new oak barrels and 10% from the first wine, a complexity is well preserved with a substantial structure in both concentration and aroma. Another noteworthy vintage 2010, which possesses a spectacular balance and freshness thanks to the magical contribution of Sauvignon, it brings layers of complexity in the mouth with intense aromas, hawthorn flowers and fresh fruit, soft and robust with a long after taste, an ideal sweet wine to ease the craving of your taste buds with white meat, fish, or slightly spicy dishes.

Last but not least, sweet wine is not an exclusive for dessert, create your own pairing menu and be innovative, you may be amazed by the magical combination of these golden treasures will bring you.

Image courtesy of Château Guiraud

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