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Stylish Bavarian dining – Sophia’s Restaurant & Bar, Munich

When it comes to travelling, it’s all about the foreign and authentic experience, this time for me to return back to Munich, it makes no difference that something I would like to achieve, to experience the authentic cuisine from this beautiful Bavarian city. Most of the people already aware of the typical Bavaria specialty are beer, sausage and Pretzels, but here in MMD, we tended to do better than that, just open my eyes and dig a little deeper, there’s always something much delicate that you expected.

A very good example is the day after my day trip from a castle visit back to the Munich city center, only around 10-minute walk (or less if you walk fast) from the Hauptbahnhof along the Bahnhofplatz, you will enter to a very tranquil neighborhood, with an Old Botanical Garden on your right hand side, at the same time, you will also find one of the most elegant 5-star hotel just right in front of you, The Charles Hotel. For some reason my calling inside tells me that this is the place that I should settle for an incredible dinner, and eventually, it did turn out to be a perfect choice. The Sophia’s Restaurant & Bar is one of the most impressive restaurant since my arrival to Munich, the sumptuous and chic ambient instantly expresses its contemporary and stylish side which set them apart from the conventional Bavarian restaurant ones will find in the city. The high celling and tall glass façade that brings in the tranquility mother nature into the stylish, relaxing and sophisticated interior, a harmonious contrast with the beige damask walls and the chic and clean-line furniture. When it gets into the evening, the restaurant dims down the light to create a much romantic and chic atmosphere for their prestigious diners.

Certainly, apart from the interior, the cuisine itself is the most significant part of it. Just like its harmonious and sophisticated ambient, the menu selection from Sophie’s Restaurant is very much rooted to the characteristic of the Bavaria cuisine, using fresh regional and seasonal products and ingredients, with the contemporary and stylish twist in the presentation of each dish, you will be truly surprise and impress how Bavaria cuisine can be done in such a sophisticated way, and tasted wonderfully at the same time. Starting with something healthy and refreshing such as the signature Sophia’s salad, a pleasant mix of greenery with fresh lettuce, chicory, avocado with lemon-olive-oil dressing, then enters to the artistically presented main course with the tender tuna with fennel, orange mayonnaise and tarragon, the sweetness of the citrus harmoniously mix with the freshness from the seafood, adding a fine glass of champagne, which takes one’s evening into the most enjoyable and indulging one.

With such a beautiful ambient, incredible dinner and attentive service in Sophia’s Restaurant, who can resist the Bavarian elegance and refinement which can be found in this hidden gem?

Image courtesy of Sophia’s Restaurant & Bar, The Charles Hotel

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