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Master of château splendor – Juan Pablo Molyneux interior design

I possibly believe nobody likes rainstorm nor typhoon, neither do I, but if the aftermath brings in something constructive, impressive and beautiful, then I can give it an exception, and in fact, it literally happens. It was right after the terrible typhoon in town, and the disaster occurred in my home due to the heavy rain, I started to think about refreshing the interior a little bit, taking advantage that the master interior designer, Mr. Juan Pablo Molyneux, is in town for a cozy and value-added fireplace evening talk in one of the most prestigious hotel in the heart of the city, given my immense enthusiasm about his interior work, his tasteful and distinctive style, I have no hesitation to attend in a post-typhoon evening, to listen to this remarkable interior design master and see what he has to say.

During the fireplace talk, I was mesmerized and moved by the spirit, determination, and passion of Juan Pablo, especially when he talked about the significance of the preservation of ancient / historic architecture, and believing in oneself about their creativity, with integrity and unstoppable drive and passion within, it is literally something that resonates with me; certainly, one of the highlight of the evening, is get to see the snapshot of the master designer’s work, the beautiful Hotel Claude Passart that he refurbished, but the best part of the night, is to greet and thank the master in person. The sophisticated and gentleness of Juan Pablo instantly moves me when we were exchanging our dialogue, I can feel his profound knowledge and taste about his work, the timeless elegance, the sophisticated gentlemen flair is certainly compelling, which somehow made me think of how should I continue with our conversation as I have more than dozens of questions to ask him.

Born in Chile then reside in America and branching out his interior design practice, the interior design work of Juan Pablo has been recognized by elites and prestigious society, with his consistent hard work that sharpens his aesthetic, style and taste, which paved his success to establish his studio in both New York and Paris, travelling in between these two cities as well as around the world for his projects, the master designer has no issue on handling jet-lag, the time zone difference, and, the clarity and dedication towards his works.

Perhaps with my recent visit in France, in Blois-Chambord in particular, visited two of the most historic chateau along the beautiful Loire River – Château de Cheverny and Château Royale de Blois, the latter with its French Renaissance beauty and imperial splendor, which brings me back a lot of great memories and connects me to the work of Juan Pablo for some reason, the remarkable château splendor with a profound mingle of European and eastern history from several artistic eras, the complexity and byzantine that being interpreted beautifully and elegantly, which evokes those who enjoys history, art and even ancient fashion with delicate detailing to admire, and falling in love with the remarkable interior work by this master designer.

Take a look with the restoration project that the master designer has done for the magnificent Hotel Claude Passart for example, the hotel particular which belonged to Claude Passart in the past, the notary and secretary of King Louis XIII, built by architect Gabriel de Soulignac in early 17th century, underwent a couple of ownership changes and interior restructuring after the French Revolution, the premises finally comes to the hands of Juan Pablo, to reinstate its former glory and beauty since 2002. The spectacular space and nostalgic ambient which filled with all the meticulous details that the master designer determined and gave a lot of thoughts into them, from some prominent work such as recreating the staircase inside the premises which had disappeared, and the consolidation of the structure of the wing on the street, to the most refined details such as a salon decoration with blue and white porcelain figurines, a hint of neo-classical touch, that reflects the honor and respect of the Chinese cultural asset, celebrates and appreciates by European. The château splendor that mixed with some Chinoiserie details can also be found inside other rooms of Hotel Claude Passart, from the dark maple leaf color wooden panel with in Chinese art in the garden, juxtaposed with warm tone of upholstery and exquisite furniture.

The harmoniously furnished main salon that provides a welcoming and stylish atmosphere, enable guests to start a conversation within this beautiful space, by exploring and experiencing each fine historic pieces of décor and furniture, at one point that travels back in time to feel the bygone glory and beauty, on the other hand, a perfect way to see how these beautiful objects come back with a second life with this meticulous and thoughtful interior work through the eyes of this master designer.

Let’s cross the Atlantic and take a look with another latest project in New York City, bringing the European château splendor in a modernized breath of air to this residential space, a stylish twist of neo-classicism, the Chinoiserie details, and the harmonious elegance, all these elements can also be found within this beautiful space, which are undeniably stylish, welcoming and tasteful.

Before having a chance to return back to France and visit all the magnificent castles, by looking at the remarkable interior work by Juan Pablo, it is good enough to ease my craving as a beautiful reminiscence. To all my dear readers, do share with me how do you like this master designer’s work, and which interior details that appeals you the most.

Image courtesy of Juan Pablo Molyneux Studio, Paris.

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