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The beauty beyond winery - Château Soucherie, Anjou, Loire Valley

Thanksgiving day is just around the corner, while checking your list to prepare a wonderful feast for your family (or some might choose to dine out) in this festive day, how can you celebrate it without a bottle of fine wine? Pairing it with the delicious turkey and stuffing, immense yourself in the room that fill the scent of cinnamon and warmth, it’s nothing more cozy than that in such meaningful festival. Speaking of fine wine, I had recently met with a French gentleman, who owns a beautiful vineyard and château nearby the city called Angers, the capital of Anjou province that situates along the famous and beautiful Loire River; Indeed, when one talked about Loire (Valley), the name inherently makes one think about wine, to me, it does bring back a lot of great memories about my previous visits there, especially some of the spectacular chateaux along the river, the history and the suburban France that completely different than something one will experience in any major cities in France.

The tranquil and relaxing atmosphere, mix with the authentic culture, perhaps that’s one of the most beautiful thing about the Loire Valley, which is the same feeling that I had when meeting Mr. Roger Beguinot of Château Soucherie, not only it feels like meeting an old friend from Loire Valley, but his understated sophistication and humbleness touches me even more; as a vineyard owner, a businessman, a family man and someone who is passionate about the French art-of-living all in one, staying true to his vision about an ultimate luxury lifestyle is not merely about extravagant labels, but much more about the quality, the effort and dedication of one’s spirit into his business, his work (or work-of-art actually), and pursue his dream about creating something refined and sophisticated, go beyond the product itself but to embrace the core value and know-how, that’s one of the special something that connects with me when speaking to this French gentleman.

The picturesque 28-hectare estate of Château Soucherie situates around 20 minutes from Angers city, produces the most sophisticated wine with the majority of Chenin (for white) which the winery renowned for, then in Chaume (for sweet wine) and Cabernet Franc (for red). Thanks to the professionalism and dedication from the winery team, Château Soucherie strives to respect the ecosystem from growing the qualitative fruit organically and protecting the soil and the plant, committed with the traditional know-how including the special care of each production stage with the vineyard work to be done manually, these are some of the key qualities of how a good wine being produced.

Have a taste of the house’s Crémant de Loire White for example, in combination of 70% Chenin and 30% Chardonnay, a well-balance of lightness and freshness sparkling wine which possesses a clear and beautiful light gold palette, sniff the freshness of white fruit fragrance in the goblet, then experience the crispiness in the mouth, this easy-drinking wine is ideal for festive occasions and celebrations. When it comes to the beloved pick by the French vineyard owner himself, he instantly expresses his adoration with the ‘Savennières Clos des Perrières’ 2013, a dry white wine in 100% Chenin Blanc, with an exceptional depth and complexity, starting with a hint of lemon and mineral taste, a full-bodied white wine with a subtle woody finishing. This beautiful white from the Connoisseur’s collection goes with shellfish, firm-fleshed fish and white meats perfectly, even it’s after the Thanksgiving, one can always enjoy this as an aperitif.

The spirit of Château Soucherie doesn’t limit itself about their heritage of wine-making, but it’s also about “L’Art de vivre” and authentic French culture, as the result, for those who are interested to experience something beyond a glass of good wine, the Château is welcome for your visit, the spacious and elegantly decorated guest house provides a perfect scene for a calming and relaxing getaway, surrounded yourself by a tranquil French suburban environment, the surprisingly warm guest house that filled with quintessential suburban French chic which oversees the entire vineyard, imagining opening the window in the morning, letting the fresh air blowing from the highland and inhale with an open arms, witness the beauty of mother nature with the berries growing on the field, then visualize the harvesting work carried out, that’s the origin of the beauty before they turn into bottles of great wine. Of course, for those who would like to explore the behind-the-scene of the cellar, why not join a quick tour with the Soucherie team and experience the art of wine-making and the French know-how in person? Booking in advance will be highly recommended.

Cheers to you all my dear readers, wish you all a harmonious Thanksgiving Day in advance.

Image courtesy of Château Soucherie HK.

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