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Hollywood sartorial by Parisian artisan – Maison Sirven, Paris

Not sure if it’s true that there are so many great films out there lately, or, I simply missed the old days of going to the cinema when I was young, I tended to go out to watch movies more frequently than I was in the past few years, yes, perhaps it’s a more spacious and comfortable seat, a bigger screen and a superb sound effect that makes the movie watching experience much more surreal and intriguing, at the same time, I tended to pay more attention to the details of the costume and dresses wore by the actors, since you have such a big screen to magnify the small details, in a way you can see things more clearly and vividly (well, for sure there’ll be some editing, more or less, before it shows in the big screen), and for the record, seeing the actor and actress to wear something so impeccable and glamorous in the movie, makes us feels like to become part of the story, to experience their lifestyle and sharing their sophisticated aura, especially those that reminiscent to the Hollywood glamour era from the 50s to 60s, for gentlemen in particular, the suits are impeccably fit with the sophisticated classic hair-do, a polished look and the suave manners and gesture, to me, it’s one of my favorite fashion era for the most handsome and sophisticated gentlemen look.

Speaking of Hollywood glamour and mens clothing, the impact of such has been a phenomenal inspiration for some of the high fashion designers and even tailors, one of the great example, could possibly be the talented Parisian tailoring house, Maison Sirven. Founded by a tailor couple since 2015, Mrs. Aïdée & Mr. Floiran Sirven, both of them possessed exceptional talent on mens clothing construction, while Aïdée came from the background of traditional French costume making, Florian possessed a discerning eyes on menswear and concrete knowledge in the construction of suiting, both encountered in the renowned French tailoring house, Smalto, and worked with the master tailor before establishing their own atelier, the talented French couple has always been inspired by golden Hollywood actor and their exceptionally polished, and glamorous way of dressing, think about Sir Sean Connery and Steve McQueen for example, one as a dapper and handsome agent look while the latter as a free-spirited protagonist, the common ground is both are utterly mesmerizing with their tailored clothing, which is exactly how Maison Sirven extract those key essence, then, adding their distinctive Parisian elegance and savoir-faire, into each piece of their tailoring clothing that created for their discerning clients.

To the artisan couple, to create an ideal piece of tailoring clothing, apart from the skill of the tailor, another criteria is having a good understanding about the client, their personal style, their desire, to integrate their life into the piece of clothing which they eventual wear and represent an epitome of their life. Of course, selecting suitable fabric is also important especially for the right season and occasion, the couple enjoy using luxurious fabrics from Cashmere to vicuna, from fine silk to linen that comes from prestigious fabric mills, after pinned down the fabric with the client, then it enters into the ‘making’ of the clothing.

The style of Maison Sirven is pretty much Parisian classic, yet, modern and exceptionally polished, there is always a certain amount of tradition, the French sartorial tradition, that can be found in each piece of their creation. Take a close-up with the beautiful details from the soft emperor shoulder, to the unique notch lapel that look distinctively stylish that unlike something one’s can found in some other French tailoring houses, the hand-stitching work of the canvas and the darted detail along the pockets and the lining, those are the work of art, the precision and perfection that Maison Sirven strives to put into their work.

If you pass by the 8th arrondissement in Paris next time, perhaps you might be tempted to experience this unique Parisian elegance meets Hollywood dapper in person. (p.s. booking in advance will be highly recommended)

Image courtesy of Maison Sirven Paris

Maison Sirven - 33 Rue de l’Arcade, 75008 Paris, France

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