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Mesmerizing enigma – Fort & Manlé Parfum, Melbourne

While the Oscar Award is just over weeks ago, my interest with great movies is still burning until now; the secretive, fatal and beautiful ‘Red Sparrow’ for example, it somehow lingers in my mind since I watched it weeks ago, perhaps it was the intoxicating and daredevil aura of a secret agent: beautiful, intelligent, fatal and mysterious, which makes one keep coming back and taste a bit of the sexiness and guilty pleasure. Speaking of secret, one can always experience this sinful beauty in the form of a fragrance too. The luxurious Fort & Manlé Parfum for instance, could possibly takes one to an olfactory journey in an enigmatic and stylish way.

Hailed from Melbourne, Australia, this artisanal perfume house is founded by perfumer Mr. Rasei Fort, who dedicated his eccentric handcraft and emphasis about individuality, each bottle of Fort & Manlé Parfum uses the most refined and precious natural extracts, and more importantly, the aesthetic and fantasy of Rasei’s, strives to create a luxurious with enigmatic, romantic and dark Goth sensuality altogether into each creation, and the result? An one-of-the-kind fragrance that exudes an unique character, giving its wearer an impressive sensation with elegance and edginess, the luxurious mingle of modern and old world beauty.

For starter, the poetic ‘Impressions de Giverny’ is simply alluring, inspired by the impression of Monet’s vision for a Japanese garden in the heart of Normandy, this beautiful fragrance is just hypnotizing with a magical mélange of rare exotic floral and oriental elements. From a soft Yuzu and Bergamot, then evolves to something vibrant with the sumptuous floral scent included Magnolia, Orange Blossom, and, a sprinkle of greenery by Violet Leaf and Fig Leaf. Just like a Monet’s painting, this fragrance is filled with fantasy and colors, at the same time, the Ambergris and Musk in the base note brings a surprising feeling that is gentle yet intoxicating.

For those who are fond of Oud, the ‘Mr. Bojnokopff’s Purple Hat’ could possibly be something you will like, inspired by the dapper appeal of a grand purple suede top hat, this woody fragrance is more about the beautiful coexistence of masculinity and mystery, a poetic illusion of a well-dressed dandy with an unspeakable enigma, thanks to the magical combination of the French Lavender, Vanilla, and the richness of Belgian Chocolate, which exudes the charm of an old world gentleman dated back in late 19th century, suave and cool, yet, the surprise is yet to come, with the powerful scent that comes from Oud, Vetiver and Cedarwood in the base note, which brings the masculinity and elegance in a surprising way.

Last but not least, have a sniff with the ‘Charlatan’ too, a fragrance that pushes the sensation into the extreme, the ‘Charlatan’ offers a mix of exotic and seductiveness in a very intelligent way, starting with the lightness of Pear and the richness of Chocolate, then turns into something powerful and poetic, thanks to the exotic floral such as Damascene Rose and Jasmine, the strong, woody scent included spicy Sandalwood, Madagascan Vanilla Bean and Himalayan Amber, which makes ‘Charlatan’ complexed and exciting, a fragrance that adored by those who embraces adventure, mystery and impeccable style.

So, are you ready for this enigmatic and stylish journey?

Image courtesy of Fort & Manlé Parfum, Melbourne

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