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A new home of niche fragrance – Scented Niche, Hong Kong

Sometimes in life, incredible surprise is just coming from exploring somewhere new, and sometimes, somewhere old as well. It was a gloomy afternoon and I was waiting for an appointment, walking around in the old neighborhood in Kau U Fong of the Hong Kong Island, a tranquil and understated area located in the almost mid-level of the city, which recently has been bloomed by the opening of new, chic, and stylish boutiques (along with a renowned local beef noodle staller which added the extra crowd, or queue, to make the neighborhood looks so much happening.). It was a very improvising encounter after I checked out a stylish home and gift item boutique in that neighborhood, just when I turned my head around after stepping out of the boutique, something very intriguing just stunned me in a good way, not just because of the minimalistic white and orange interior, but the beautiful and enchanting scent that comes from the entrance of this cozy niche fragrance boutique – Scented Niche, which seduced me to put my feet forward and discover what’s inside.

With a warm, approachable, and modern-chic atmosphere, I was greeted by two guys who are extremely passionate about world refined niche fragrances, and one of them, is the Founder of this lovely boutique, Mr. Patrick Hui; It was quite a thrill to me when I looked around and start to explore the remarkable niche fragrances which curated by Patrick and his team, to bring these beautiful and exquisite perfume from around the world to the city. The concept of this boutique, is aiming to offer a place for the niche fragrance lovers locally in Hong Kong, to experience and appreciate the one-of-the-kind niche fragrances in premium quality, uniqueness and artisanship, instead of solely relying on commercial gimmicks and loud noises, a good product (perfume) speaks for itself. Another goal of this boutique, is to gather all the fragrance lovers and (fragrance) community as a home of sharing and educating about the art of niche fragrance.

Of course, some of them are pretty familiar as I have written before, including The Different Company fragrance, which reminds me of my visit in Paris last year, then, the renowned Italian perfume house, Carthusia, which famous for its southern Italy spirit with array of amazingly delicious citrus and woody scent, here are just a name of few, but what impresses me, is sharing the fragrance knowledge with these passionate professional and young entrepreneur, who not solely open a boutique for big profit, but a warm expression of their enthusiasm about the beauty and artisanship of rare niche fragrance, and, the effort that they put behind.

While it’s very thrilling to have a ‘perfume buffet’ in that afternoon, the most memorable thing is the experience one had when visiting Scented Niche, having an experience to try out some of the world’s rare and niche fragrances, yet, exchanging ideas with the perfume enthusiasts in town, now you see, pleasant surprises are almost everywhere!

Image courtesy of Scented Niche Hong Kong

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