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Revival of Viennese watchmaking glory – Carl Suchy & Söhne ‘The Waltz No. 1 Skeleton’, Vienna

The annual Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair is just over, however, for those who enjoy innovative timepiece and the latest craftsmanship, this fair could still be a good memory to be lingered in your mind; meeting all the insiders from the industry, to discover some of the upcoming, unknown watchmakers yet having deep heritage and know-how, maybe that’s the reason why I decided to attend this year, to see what inspires me. Proceeding into the cozy Swiss Pavilion inside Salon de TE, following my curiosity to look up something unique, something sophisticated and well-made, and just right in front of me, a classic and clean timepiece just caught my attention for a moment, along with the historic pocket watches, and later, realizing it was adored by the legendary Austrian neurologist, Dr. Sigmund Freud, which makes me intrigue and discover more about Carl Suchy & Söhne.

Founded in 1822 by Austrian watchmaker Carl Suchy, with his precision and profound know-how on creating one of the most luxurious and beautiful timepieces, the artisanal craft has been adored by the imperial family like Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Sisi, also elite and intellectual professionals including Dr. Sigmund Freud. After a century as the sole watchmaker for the Habsburg royalty, Carl Suchy & Söhne disappeared with the demise of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, not until in 2017, the name of this renowned Austrian watchmaker finally revived.

Bringing back the glorious watchmaking legacy, and injecting the innovative elements to embrace the modernity and elegance of the 21st century, the watchmaker’s latest special edition – ‘The Waltz No. 1 Skeleton’, has literally drawn my attention in an impressive way, letting me to look at the Austrian watchmaking heritage in a whole new and refreshing way. Unveiling just this year, with a minimalistic circular design, this model is designed by Swiss-based designer Miloš Ristin and Austrian designer Reinhard Steger, equipped with a skeletonized extra-flat automatic movement, and with inspiration by Viennese modernism, ‘The Waltz No. 1 Skeleton’ timepiece is an icon of honoring the watchmaking house’s DNA, impressive details included the rotating ‘waltzing’ second disc at 6 o’clock featuring a striped guilloche-pattern that aligns with that of the dial once a minute, the juxtaposition of the dial which reminiscent to the elegance and movement of the Viennese Waltz, which a couple are dancing beautifully following the majestic and moving rhythm of the music, reflecting the quintessential spirit of Viennese.

Other noteworthy features included rhodium-plated bridges and angles of the movement, non-reflecting sapphire glass and the signature opened-worked striped guilloche-pattern, which is entirely handcrafted, such details expressed the precision and rigor of Viennese watchmaking heritage, that is still relevant and not being forgotten with the glorious come-back of the brand.

Interested to feel the Viennese elegance up-close and personal? Apart from getting a plane ticket to fly to Vienna, now you have another option by simply wearing it on your wrist.

Image courtesy of Carl Suchy & Söhne, Vienna

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