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Nautical luxe – Prestige 520 yacht

Dear readers, Christmas shopping list might be long, but one can always leave one line for someone very special – yourself, why not just do a little treat and make your festive holiday much merrier! Get yourself a gift which is unique, stylish, and high tech, maybe with a touch of luxury and glamour? If these criteria sound appealing to you, then perhaps it’s time for you to be a new yacht owner! Thanks to the recent Cruise and Yachting Festival that I attended lately, and came across the beautiful Prestige 520 yacht, which fulfills the criteria that mentioned and making your Christmas celebration a stylish and glamorous one.

I know you may say winter is not literally a yachting season, yet, thankfully, here in Hong Kong the weather becomes warmer year after year, and inherently, sailing in Hong Kong becomes relatively ‘seasonless’, one can do it any time throughout the year. Having a chance to experience the luxury Prestige 520, I simply cannot resist to picture the scene of an incredible yacht cocktail party in my head, with an exclusive group of stylish friends around, having a nice champagne or warm mulled wine and festive cuisine on the table, blending the joyous celebration with the sea and clear sky, isn’t it a wonderful celebration for the festive season?

The luxurious Prestige 520, with its minimalistic and modern interior, it gives the feel of entering into a luxurious modern apartment or even a grand boutique hotel, welcoming and warm, crispy white and soft maple wood furnished interior, adjacent with your tastefully selected décor or art pieces, which expresses your personal taste in a very subtle way. Same concept applies to the yacht’s guest cabins and master bedroom, which the design is modern and intelligent, bringing the warm and cozy atmosphere into this private space, with smartly designed windows that enables natural daylight to enter into the room, impeccable and luxurious home furnishings and lighting system, concealed closet, and separate access staircase for the master bedroom to avoid unnecessary disturbance from other guests, these are something noteworthy about the Prestige 520 yacht.

Of course, functionality is something very crucial for a luxury yacht, that is something that Prestige 520 can offer too, the furniture design is relatively flexible, with the intelligently designed foldable tables and sun beds, the well-equipped kitchen, and a convertible grill on the upper deck, the design is literally smart to accommodate with different occasions and a range of guests, enabling the nautical luxe indulgence to the most convenient, stylish and full utilization of each facilities within this beautiful yacht.

Wish you all, my dear readers, a joyous and stylish Christmas holiday in advance, and, happy yachting!

Image courtesy of Asia Yachting Limited

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