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Unique Jewellery for necktie – Hoodtie, Switzerland

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I recently came across a new book written by the esteemed menswear expert and author, Mr. James Sherwood, named ‘Jewelry for Gentlemen’. How interesting when I read the title because it seems that wearing jewelry is purely (or in most of the case) the privilege for women, maybe dated back to the era of the French sun king, Louis IV, one can always found the royal jewelry around this powerful and style-conscious monarch; nowadays, men do wear jewelry, but instead of the flamboyant and bold pieces, it’s more understated in forms of cufflinks, timepieces, and ring, sometimes ear piercing or bracelet; for this time, I would like to introduce something pretty unique, luxurious and high tech.

Hoodtie originates from Switzerland, designed by Italian watch designer Mr. Ferruccio Tosatto, who replicates the DNA of modern timepiece design and architectural elements, and created an one-of-the-kind jewelry for men, and to be precise, for the necktie. Inspired by the world of Haute Horlogerie, and possessed enormous interest in reinventing stylish and modern men’s accessories, that’s how Hoodtie was born.

Founded since 2017, the first Haston collection has been eye-catching and popular by modern, edgy and stylish gent who would like something new, innovative, yet, stylishly smart on their necktie; sleek and bold design, with glossy and satin finishing that looks luxurious, and, very modern, imagine a polished and smart luxury sportscar, that exudes the charm and contemporary masculinity, available in five timeless colors which is versatile for any attire from day to night.

For a more audacious and luxurious feel, the ‘Level III’, the limited edition from the Haston collection might suits your taste, a more textural and bold color appeal – the guillochage ‘Clous de Paris’ effect, adding the noble details that reflects a more intense style statement, plus the luxurious use of rose gold or Ruthenium, this piece will possibly one of the focal talking point on one’s necktie.

So, let me know which piece is your favorite pick for your spring attire.

Image courtesy of Hoodtie, Switzerland

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