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A Rosé à la mode – Miraval Côtes de Provence Rosé 2018

Dear readers, when you dressed up impeccably in your well-tailored linen suit, superfine cotton dress shirt and almost glossy polished dark brown patina leather shoes, enjoying your after-work happy hour in a hot summer evening at a luxurious, and comfortable gentleman lounge, waiting to meet up your fellas before a formal dinner, then, a drink menu handed to you gently by a well-manner and handsome bartender, who tries to break the ice of the silence in between the ‘waiting’ moment and your relaxing indulgence sitting quietly at the lounge sofa, well, in that moment, what kind of drinks would you have in mind? To me, one of the perfect drink in such scenario, apart from some fancy signature cocktails or whiskey on the rocks, why not pick something more refined and suitable for summer, a glass of rosé for instance, especially the one that chilled in a just perfect temperature, is simply amazing to have in a hot summer evening actually. Rosé is not just a privilege wine for ladies but also for refined gentlemen too, a way of expressing a delicate, unique taste with a little bit of allure and romantism, which reveals a passionate and sensual side of masculinity from a stiff and powerful armour. After attending an intriguing wine tasting event recently, and having a taste of the elegant Miraval Côtes de Provence Rosé, it simply reignites my adoration about rosé again, as well as my appreciation over the viticulture of Rhône Valley.

With the vineyard located in the heart of Provence in southern France, Miraval in fact has a very profound history even dated back as far as 3rd century BC, previously as a monastery then as home to members of the French Court, appeared in the Registry of Noble Houses in the 14th century, subsequently acquired by an esteemed jazz pianist and composer in 1970, then nowadays, Miraval became the summer residence of Hollywood celebrity Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, who also dedicate their effort over both the wine-making work, and, the arts from music to cinema. As a celebrity winery, that doesn’t mean the house neglects the quality of their wine, on contrary, the dedicated work from the celebrity owners and the winery family team has constantly seeking the way to bring out the very best of the wine that made by the Chateau, taking advantage of the remarkable legacy, the distinctive location, the soil and the conventional know-how with Famille Perrin, another reputed winemaker in Provence, which takes the wine by Miraval into the 21st century with something high quality, modern, sophisticated, also captured the excellence of the French wine-making essence into each bottle.

Their signature Côtes de Provence Rosé 2018, is just a perfect representation of the style of the house, with its appealing and clear pastel salmon color, a beautiful fruit and floral bouquet in the goblet, to me, the images of pears and lychee simply prompt in my head, with a hint of banana fragrant, then, the spring flowers (it reminds of Narcissus actually). The grape combination is Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah and Rolle, and it is relatively smooth in the mouth and well-balanced, a medium-bodied wine that is very easy to drink even in day time, to me, its style is pretty much prone to the elegant and gracious side, yet, preserving the core essence of the wine from Provence - the freshness and complexity, which is not overpowering.

After all, one can always enjoy a good glass of great rosé either in a luxury lounge or at home, or better yet, drink it in middle of the French vineyard during sunset, doesn’t it even more romantic and chic to experience the beauty of French wine-making in your summer holiday?

Image courtesy of Miraval Provence, France

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