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Classicism of Münsterlander horology - Abeler & Söhne, Münster

Münster, a German city located in the northwest of the country, a city that surrounded by historic architecture and renowned academic institution, there’s always some literature flair in Münster; despite I have never experience the atmosphere of this lovely city before, but for some reason, the city brings itself over to me here in Asia! That’s when I met Mr. Guido Abeler, a descendant from one of the remarkable Münster watch-making family, Abeler & Söhne, who currently runs the family watch business, during the recent Watch & Clock Fair in Hong Kong. Although with the recent incident happened in our city, this German businessman always showed his optimism and sense of humor during the entire fair, and what intrigues me a lot, is his carefree spirit when he introduced me about Abeler & Söhne, which I would like to share with you all this time.

Founded by Mr. Heinrich Abeler in 1898, Abeler & Söhne has been recognized as a timelessly classic watch maker in Münster, with the outstanding academic background and training in watch-making, the young Heinrich was invited to join Glashütter Uhrenfabrikation in October 1893, however, the gentleman declined and decided to pursue his venture on his own, and eventually, founded this watch-making brand and keeping his principle of creating the most exquisite timepieces in the highest quality. Relaunched since 2007 and currently run by the fourth generation, Guido and his team in the Münster Headquarters are safeguarding this valuable and meaningful family tradition, with a pioneering spirit as well as desire of realizing something worthwhile, keeping the new era of Abeler & Söhne to flourish.

Each piece is made in Germany with horological artistry, and homage to the root of Münsterlander, the watch collection by Abeler & Söhne is utterly timeless classic and simply elegant with no excessive ornamentation or gimmick. For modern day gentlemen in particular, a piece of classic white dial in simple stripe silver index and roman index in the 12-o-clock position is just perfect for formal occasions, a polished and ultra-thin silver stainless steel case, matched with a refined black calf-leather strap, which looks perfect with a dark charcoal great pinstripe suit and crispy white shirt, the simple yet classic executive looks which exudes the refined taste and confidence with masculine elegance.

While for another pick of mine, is the rounded watch in sand-blasted silver dial with calendar window below 12-o-clock position and a second dial above the 6-o-clock position, this particular model was actually homage to the musical performance in Münster, from classical music to jazz concerts, and the architectural details of the opera house, which radiates certain energy about the artistic culture of Münsterlander, while the design of this watch still stays true to the root of the house – simplicity and classic elegance, yet, this particular model also brings certain modernity and luxury appeal, perhaps it’s the hint of gold being used in the index as well as the hands for both hour and minute, but just looking at it with my weekend outfit, it simply makes one looks smarter and more stylish!

Just before having a chance to visit Münster in person, wearing a watch by Abeler & Söhne will possibly do the job to have a ‘prelude’ about the city, at the very least, in an artistic and classical way.

Image courtesy of Abeler & Söhne, Münster.

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