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From champagne to perfection – ‘Fleur de Miraval’ Rosé Champagne

Dear readers, how many of you here are a fan of Rosé champagne? Frankly, I have heard about this question whenever I attended a wine + champagne tasting event, it seems like that it’s a pretty embarrassing question for a male guest to answer, the reason is, Rosé champagne tended to be more ‘feminine’, however, I started to see more and more male wine connoisseurs and champagne lovers, who adore this pinkish bubblies more than ever in recent years! Apparently, rosé champagne is not an exclusivity for women, but also for style-savvy and discerning male connoisseurs too. While I missed the countless of wine + champagne tasting events in the past which sadly has been quiet down since late last year, coming across an exciting news about Chateau Miraval will be launching an exceptional Rosé champagne in 15th Oct 2020, along with Hollywood actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, I simply cannot resist the temptation of this so-called new ‘celebrity wine’, and see what’s the story behind.

Needlessly introduced, the Miraval family has been devoted to the art of wine making, as well as preserving the legacy of the family of their esteemed wine making history, currently as the sixth generation, the Péters family, established in Le Mesnil-sur-Oer, Côte des Blancs, have been making Champagne from their own grapes since 1919, with the association of the 2 families – The Péters and The Jolie-Pitt, the exquisite ‘Fleur de Miraval’ was born.

The appealing and sophisticated packaging in pastel pink box with black interior, it is undeniably refined, gracious, and possessed the luxe modernity of the house, of course, the key is the quality and taste of the champagne itself, this blend of Chardonnay grapes of various vintages made up 75% of the final ‘Fleur de Miraval’ blend, with the remaining 25% is from young Pinot Noir grapes, which gives this champagne its subtle, pink color; the tasting note is surprisingly intriguing, the tangy notes of red currant and the red raspberry, with its mild and fruitiness, it gives certain energetic yet delicate minerality, salinity, and the iodized expression of the Chardonnay grapes, that indeed reminds me of the actress Angelina herself – with a determine and strong side from the outer, yet, having a sensual, feminine and glamorous inside at the same time.

‘Fleur de Miraval’ Rosé champagne is the culmination of five years of work, research and tasting done in the utmost secrecy, and it’s also a very exclusive wine as only 20,000 bottles were produced for this first edition, for those who are wine connoisseurs and having a piece of heart of Hollywood sophistication and glamour, now it’s something that is worth waiting for, coming mid this month (for Hong Kong, it will be available by end Nov 2020)! Cheers!

Image courtesy of Miraval Provence

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