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Bespoke master shoemaker in Berlin - Korbinian Ludwig Heß, Berlin

Dear readers, since we were in the topic of Berlin dance hall, Berliner glamour and lifestyle, inherently I started to think about great artisan in Berlin, who dressed the Berliner so handsomely and fabulously with their exquisite work, no matter it’s an impeccable tailored suit or shirts, delicate accessories and even footwear, these are something that is crucial to make someone looks great in the dance hall. Over the past decade with the thriving economy and fashion influence, Berlin has made their come-back with some exquisite high fashion and artisanal creation, and today, I’d like to show you some of the beautiful bespoke classic leather shoes for gentlemen, made by a Berlin-based master shoemaker, Mr. Korbinian Ludwig Heß, to experience a new kind of Berliner craftsmanship and modern beauty.

Having been working with a reputed shoemaker for the Austrian royal family, Korbinian acquired the skill and knowledge from his mentor about making a pair of finest classic shoes for the elite and discerning clients, over the years the artisan has devoted himself to learn about different regional styles of his trade, and travelled across Europe as well as working with a range of renowned shoemakers in London, Freiburg, Leipzig and Munich before making Berlin as his base to establish his very own bespoke shoes atelier.

Located on the ground floor of a historical building in West Berlin, the atelier workshop of Korbinian Ludwig Heß is literally a reflection the artisan’s aesthetic and understated luxury flair, an open entrance room with a high ceiling and daylighted interior, which provided a comfortable and homey space for his elite clients and shoes connoisseurs to experience the work by Korbinian. Each pair of bespoke shoes are discreetly made by hands using the traditional techniques, each piece of equipment, from sewing machines to the leather roller and sole press, they are all mechanical and runs completely without electricity, which shows the artisan’s commitment of homage to the traditional know-how, and his high standard about how a pair of luxury bespoke leather shoes should be made.

In terms of leather, they are all sourced from upscale certified tanneries, with leather variety from cordovan, calf and goat, to the exotic ones such as ostrich and shagreen. So what about the house style of Korbinian Ludwig Heß? Simply put, robust yet supple of the highest quality and sleek elegance, which pretty much summarized the essence of the brand, the artisan himself emphasized that his shoes are not barely created based on aesthetic, but to imparts its owner with an inner and outer posture.

Among the exquisite crafted shoes by Korbinian, I have my eyes on the red-wine colored ‘Balmoral’, the ‘Wholecut’ in black and the its slipper version in caramel brown calf leather, with its Viennese silhouette as well as the classical flair of a Parisian gentleman, these beautifully crafted shoes are not bulky nor heavy, they all exuded an understated elegance as well as some imperial refinement which I find it very timeless and sophisticated, also take a closer look with the detail such as the shoe heel for example, its slightly oblique heel which resonates with the cowboy boots, something that the artisan has a sweet spot for himself, which it speaks softly about the masculine audacity yet keeping the overall looks polish and elegant. The color of the shoe sole can be customized to your wish, which I think the red wine color did look very festive and alluring for a gentleman who is looking for something unique when it comes to the detail of his own luxury bespoke shoes.

Each pair of bespoke shoes by Korbinian Ludwig Heß takes about 6 to 8 months, of course, like getting your own bespoke suit, a proper measurement and fitting will be necessary, which means you’ll possibly meet the artisan for the shoes fitting before getting your very own bespoke shoes made! Lastly, they also offer shoe care service for your bespoke shoes too.

Now, being on the dance floor in a Berlin dance hall, apart from your dapper outfit and dancing skill will make you shine, a pair of beautifully crafted bespoke shoes will certainly elevate your overall look with each step of the dance you made.

Image courtesy of Korbinian Ludwig Heß Bespoke shoes, Berlin


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