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Bridge of luxury fragrance and exceptional spirits - Maison Psyché parfums

Dear readers, as the Valentine’s day is just around the corner, have you think of anything special to celebrate with your beloved and significant other? Besides the traditional red roses and chocolate, I believe something that is handmade, artisanal, or something that can record a romantic moments that spent together, such gift will literally speak much more than the ordinary clichés; when I thought of recording a romantic moment, one of the best object that comes to my head is fragrance, a particular scent in the moment of love has a magic to capture a vivid and euphoric image in the lovers’ mind, who can only be understood and experienced by themselves, and then projects in their heads even years on, especially over a romantic candlelight dinner, in a romantic city or a luxury resort, over a glass of glittering champagne in a crystal flute, perhaps that’s the reason why I adore fragrance that much. Recently, my attention was caught by a new French luxury fragrance, Maison Psyché parfums, which I think this can possibly serve as a wonderful Valentine’s day present that fulfill the criteria that mentioned before.

As a bridge between two worlds – the luxury fragrance and fine spirit, Maison Psyché is a combination of French beauty, artisanal savoir-faire of perfumery and cognac making, the house is created by renowned French spirit and cognac group, Rémy Cointreau, teaming up with Mr. Baptiste Loiseau, Cellar Master of Maison Rémy Martin, and Ms. Sophie Labbé, Principal Perfumer of Firmenich, which formed the heart of this new perfume house. This luxurious and remarkable fragrance are born with exceptional terroirs and the alchemy of masters’ and artisan’ savoir-faire come together, with discreetly selected raw materials that form the foundations of five exceptional olfactory creations, making up the first Maison Psyché collection, the house left them to age in the Maison Rémy Martin cellars in Cognac to allow them to expand their range of expression in their tonnelets (small oak casks), this art thus contributes to the creation of these new fragrances whose longevity on the skin and olfactory richness become unique and valuable.

Exceptional fragrances require an exceptional setting. The Maison Psyché perfume bottles are genuine collection pieces made in Baccarat crystal, adorned in gold – some with diamonds, numbered and only available in very limited quantities. One can also find the detail such as the butterfly, which derived from ‘Psyché’ in ancient Greek art, as a symbol of the soul and the metamorphosis towards eternal happiness, which is also the symbol of this perfume house.

Afterall, an exquisite fragrance can record a beautiful and romantic memory in our mind, at certain extent, it also serves as an artistic manifestation, letting us to experience this distinctive beauty from inside out.

Image courtesy of Rémy Cointreau Group, Paris.


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