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Champion chic – Penhaligon’s ‘Sports Car Club’ fragrance

Dear readers, for those of you who are fans or aficionados of classic cars, I possibly believe that you won’t going to miss the upcoming Concours of Elegance at the Hampton Court Palace by early September! Of course, having an opportunity to take a closer look at those handsome, rare, and well-maintained classic cars, and witnesses the joy and heroic spirit of their proud owners when they drove their beloved automobile in person, could be a delightful gentleman past time! To me, another pleasure that I would like to experience, is being in the crowd of classically and sophisticated dressed guests, either ladies or gentlemen, aged or young, it’s just something very quintessentially classic English that I simply enjoy a lot! Speaking of classically and sophisticated dressed guests, one thing that can’t be missed, is an elegant smelling fragrance that goes with your smart ensemble of course, coincidentally, the reputed English perfume house, Penhaligon’s, has just launched their limited-edition new fragrance named ‘Sports Car Club’, and I think it did match with the classic car theme quite seamlessly!

Homage to the classic car racing championship, the sound of the speed that is loud and sharp, the heart-raising excitement of the racer and the glory of the victory, all these became the essential element of this new fragrance ‘Sports Car Club’, taking the wearer to experience the English classic masculinity, and the active side of the English past time with an automobile. One can also find the bottle detail of this new fragrance has updated to reflect the classic car racing elements, from the bottle neck ribbon in chequered flag pattern, with a hint of gold to bring out the mechanic parts of a classic car and the trophy, the color of the fragrance juice has also used a clear light green, to bring out the racing green and its smart and fresh appeal like the elegant automobile itself.

I can instantly relate the scent after sniffing the fragrance from the first spray, it’s quintessential English classic sport style and the signature scent of this English perfume house, it’s crisp, sharp and musky, the greenery is relatively apparent but with a rather spicy opening, I guess it’s the pink peppercorns, which it starts to tone down and the refreshing greenery scent starts to emerge, the energetic and soft Eucalyptus leaves, backing up by the masculine woody notes from Arolle wood, then with the substantial based note including Patchouli and Ambroxide, which makes this fragrance smells fresh, clean and smart, like a preppy gentleman (or Ivy league young man) that either in his weekend blazer, light blue oxford shirt and cotton twill pants look, or a sportier version in his clean ruby shirt and cropped white five-pocket pants with a pair of smart gladiator sunglasses, enjoying himself either driving in one of the classic car or simply being in the crowd of the well-dressed fellas of his, a pleasant day time fragrance that shows an active side of a young man, however doesn’t take away his elegance and chivalry inside him.

Perhaps, Cary Grant might like to wear this fragrance too when he’s driving with Grace Kelly in the movie ‘To catch a thief’! Well, just a thought.

Image courtesy of Penhaligon’s Hong Kong


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