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Contemporary Parisian classic - Ardentes Clipei tailoring, Paris

Dear readers, Christmas is just few days away, and festive-theme parties are getting ready for all chic party-goers, when it comes to festive parties and gatherings, have you ever think of what to wear for those stylish and festive occasions? One can easily throw on the black tuxedo suit and patent leather slippers which has been sitting in your wardrobe for so long, but what about make yourself a brand new look for Christmas this year with a new tailoring outfit, something festive classic and something Parisian sartorial for instance? For that, I might have a Parisian tailoring maison that you might be interested in, and that is Ardentes Clipei.

With their atelier boutique located near the Opera Garnier, Ardentes Clipei is a new breed of Parisian tailoring which brings the conventional Parisian classic of men’s tailoring into a new era. Founded by French trained tailor, Mr. Romain Biette, since 2015, Ardentes Clipei strives to dress their tasteful and discerning clients with their exquisite handmade tailoring clothing, that resembles their own authentic style, with a touch of contemporary Parisian artisanship.

The name of ‘Ardentes Clipei’ comes from Latin which means ‘shining armour’, this phrase reflects how this Parisian tailoring house sees the way of dressing of a modern gentleman nowadays, also as an analogy about a perfectly tailored suit, which protects you with its impeccable fit as well as emphasizes one’s constitution.

Homage to the classic French tailoring, Italian sprezzatura and English sartorialism, all tailoring clothing by Ardentes Clipei is made with world class fabric that comes from reputed mills from Lora Piana, Holland & Sherry, Fox Brothers & Co. etc., with a wide range of selection that suits different seasons and occasions. Now entering the Christmas and festive winter, the house highly recommends a double-breasted smoking jacket in deep green or dark burgundy velvet, also something in heavier fabric to keep one staying warm during the chilling festive season.

Apart from the house’s bespoke tailoring, Ardentes Clipei also offers a range of accessories which compliments to their tailoring clothing, from ties, pocket squares and braces etc., enables you to accessorize yourself impeccably under one roof.

Be dazzling and dashing with your brand new ‘shining armour’, my dear readers, hope you all enjoy your fabulous festive celebrations! Joyeux Noël!

Image courtesy of Ardentes Clipei Paris


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