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Exceptionally refined - Champagne Gonet-Médeville

Dear readers, this time around is all about celebrations, now we are ready to toast farewell to year 2022, and welcome another exciting year to come! Speaking of celebrations, beside the polished and stylish outfit that you are putting together, how can you miss a glass of glamourous bubblies at your hand? Yes, champagne is one of the essential beverage when it comes to celebration events, as a big champagne fan like myself, I have an intense obsession with blanc-de-noirs champagne recently, why? First of all, blanc-de-noirs champagne is relatively rare to find in the market, due to the rarity of the grapes (Pinot Noir, a grape in black-color skin and juice in light color) and their quantity which grown in the Champagne region in France, but thanks to a couple of champagne events lately, I was thrilled to discover a Champagne house which they produced some exceptional blanc-de-noirs and other vintage champagne, and that’s how I encountered Champagne Gonet-Médeville.

The story of Champagne Gonet-Médeville actually commenced in year 2000, it comes from a passionate couple who both came from winery background with long history about traditional French wine-making, while Mrs. Julie Médeville (Gonet), who’s wine ties to her family estate in Sauternes, Château Gilette, her husband, Mr. Xavier Gonet, his family have been one of the reputed grape growers for generations. While Champagne Gonet-Médeville is relatively new, their champagne doesn’t lack of the quality, nor heritage that honoring their family’s wine-making legacy.

The first one that impressed me a lot, is their Premier Cru Blanc de Noirs Brut NV, made with the 100% Pinot Noir from Bisseuil (a premier cru area where Pinot Noir grapes were grown in Champagne region), if you are the one of those who loves champagne in fruity, rich in flavor but not too powerful that overwhelmed by the acidity or heavy alcohol content, then this champagne will possibly be up to your alley; a light pink palette is already appealing enough after being poured into the goblet, the pleasant floral aromas is apparent with its fizzy bubblies, the fruitiness of red apples, meets a hint of warm sweetness from honeycomb, and the elegant fragrant of the dried white flower, makes this champagne a terrify wine with its beautiful-layer sensation, a great wine that either drink it alone as aperitif, or match this with your seafood dishes over a refined dinner.

On the other hand, their Grand Cru ‘Theophile’ Extra Brut 2009 is also noteworthy, with its composition of 60% Chardonnay (from Les Champs d’Alouette in Mesnil-sur-Oger) and 40% Pinot Noir (from Ambonnay), this vintage champagne does offer a beautiful bouquet and complexity, a clear golden palette and the crispiness in the mouth, this ‘Theophile’ Extra Brut (by the way, the name ‘Theophile’ is the boy from the champagne house’s couple) has a chalky taste (and even fragrant) at the beginning, which reflects its ‘terroir’ and the condition of how the grape is grew, its earthiness then evolved to a beautiful bouquet in white floral and small red fruits with a light toasty taste, adding the mineral that combined with the bubble sensation in the mouth, this exception champagne is perfect for luxurious dinner again or even enjoy it alone, to experience its complexity and delicate bouquet.

Now let’s raise your glass with your dashing outfit, and say ‘cheers’…, happy New Year.

Image courtesy of FICO International Limited, Hong Kong


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