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Game on – 37th Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz 2022

Dear readers, if any of you did watch the movie ‘House of Gucci’ back in last November (apparently, I did), there’s a scene about Maurizio leaving his Italy home and entering the Swiss border to go to his chalet in St. Moritz; it was winter time that the entire land was covered in snow, and the elite and high society people were getting together for their winter sport activity, skiing be more specific. Yes, spending winter holiday in St. Moritz has become a favorite for the rich and famous, but apart from skiing, there’s another sport activity that makes St. Moritz renowned as well, which is, the annual Snow Polo World Cup!

While the tournament has suspended due to the pandemic last year, how thrilling to know the that match is making its comeback in Jan 2022! For this time, as the 37th edition of the Snow Polo World Cup tournament, the organizer is thrilled to announce their very first time of bringing in six high-calibre teams to compete in a new match mode, alongside with the long-standing team sponsors Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, Azerbaijan Land of Fire and Champagne Perrier-Jouët, as well as three new team sponsors including Clinique La Prairie Switzerland, Casablanca, and the World Polo League, which making this edition’s tournament much more exciting and style!

When it comes to the player list, Team Badrutt’s Palace Hotel will be leaded by team captain Melissa Ganzi from USA, who was the crowd’s favorite and winner of the 2019 tournament; new comers of Ivan Romanovsky from Russia, and Dillon Bacon from USA, will be the team captain for Team Casablanca and Team Clinique La Prairie respectively, with the energy and excitement on the rise, we shall see how this year’s tournament turn out after a year’s recess.

If you are planning to join the cheering crowd, to witness the snow polo hero competing on the scenic Lake St. Moritz and some glamourous post-tournament gala, do get your tickets in advance! Enjoy!

Image courtesy of Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz


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