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Glamorous memoir – ‘Estée Lauder: A Beautiful Life’ by Aerin and Jane Lauder

Dear readers, when it comes to July, the only think I have in mind is a stylish and relaxing vacation, I did yearn for spending a laid-back afternoon by the coast of the French Riviera, wearing my favorite Côte-d’Azur-inspired dapper outfit, sipping a glass of champagne with a piece of delicate pastry at a splendid French villa café to celebrate my big day, I guess there’s one of the most delightful and beautiful way to spend a summer holiday, like an old Hollywood movie. Making your life living in a beautiful way is almost like a dream to most of the people, and there’s one person who sets the best example to realize such dream into a reality, that is the cosmetic Grand Dame, Estée Lauder; Always surrounded herself with beautiful things and people throughout her life, from her cosmetic business to her private gatherings, which now you can experience that visually from the latest coffee table book titled ‘Estée Lauder: A Beautiful Life’. This is the most stunning visual memoir which I came across this year so far, especially with the appealing light blue cover and the spring garden feel sleeve box, this book enables readers to revisit the Grand Dame’s glamours journey, which I was completely enchanted by it, and I think it is going to be an ideal birthday present for myself this year.

Published by Assouline and authored by her two granddaughters, the tasteful Aerin Lauder, and, the beauty-business savvy Jane Lauder, ‘Estée Lauder: A Beautiful Life’ is an elegant celebration of the legendary beauty Grand Dame, depicting the life of this innovative business women from her time founding her namesake cosmetic company and her hard work, meeting all the elite and legendary people, as well as her private life of throwing some splendid and sumptuous dinner soiree with elite friends and her family, her passion about interior design and art of living.

This book has captured some of the most beautiful scenarios, from company archives, family photographs to personal letters, they were discreetly curated and stylishly arranged by both authors, which shows their respect and adoration to their grandmother’s work and achievements. To me, it’s more than just an elegant and deluxe album about the Grand Dame’s life and her work, but it’s also a piece of beautiful motivation to encourage not just the authors themselves, but to all artistic professionals who devoted their body and soul to their own work, to keep on doing something remarkable and beautiful, to achieve the impossible or something that no one believes in them but they eventually realize them through their hard work, conviction, resilience and constant pursue of beauty and excellence.

I guess apart from the outer glamour, this splendid book also shows some solid examples about ‘beauty comes from within’, and it possibly serves much better than any quote of the day, simply by flipping each page of this book, having the Grand Dame to constantly reminds you of how to live a wonderful life, only if one is willing to make an effort to pursue their own dream, and turn them into your own reality with your own hands.

Image courtesy of Assouline, Leonard A. Lauder & Estée Lauder Companies Archive

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