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Nocturnal elegance – ‘Moonlight in Chiangmai’ by Parfums Dusita, Paris

Dear readers, have you been to Chiangmai before? And what’s your impression about this city? I haven’t been to Chiangmai in my life which I have absolutely no idea, but what fascinates me about, is the serene and poetic scene of those flying paper lanterns, like dozens of glowing bubbles floating in the middle of the air, and they glow even brighter at night around the full moon; while on the ground, the smell of the grass that mingles harmoniously with the evening haze; poetic, isn’t it? Although I can create my own imagination from my mind, but my glamorous perfumer friend, Ms. Pissara Umavijani of her very own luxury perfume brand – Parfums Dusita Paris, has a much beautiful interpretation of this beautiful city, through her latest fragrance named ‘Moonlight in Chiangmai’, to depict the serene and poetic state-of-mind.

With the perfumer’s artistic pick and blending of those unique accords, ‘Moonlight in Chiangmai’ of Dustia Paris exudes the eastern sensuality and mystery through the refreshing and woody scents; with the opening of the Japanese Yuzu and the night blooming Jasmine, then the warmth of Indian Nutmeg and Benzoin Siam takes over in the middle, the dry down evolves into something woody yet polished including the house-exclusive Thai Teak wood, Patchouli Indonesia and Vetiver Haiti, which gives a solidity of the fragrance that compliments with the citrus and floral notes at the beginning, in a very gentle manner.

To me, the first spray reminds me of the freshness of a glass of gin tonic with some lime zest, the transparently cool and lightness with the energizing citrus smell, which dissolves all mental exhaustion of the day; when the scent of Japanese Yuzu started to emerge, mingles with the warmth of the Patchouli and the woody notes, it’s gentleness and masculine elegance makes me think of the character that I recently obsessed with, which is – Maxim de Winter of ‘Rebecca’ that portrayed by actor Armie Hammer in the 2020 version. The polished and suave gentleman in his impeccably tailored golden yellow 3-pieces suit, with his crispy white shirt and tie and clean parting hair-do, his sophistication and demeanor when he treated his lady (the future Mrs. de Winter) at the terrace, such kind of gentlemanly characters that I can almost found in this beautiful fragrance.

If this legendary story does take place in Chiangmai, Mr. de Winter will possibly wear this refined fragrance too! And spending a magical evening with his loved one under the romantic moonlight watching the floating paper lanterns; Daphne du Maurier approved.

Image courtesy of Parfums Dusita Paris


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