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Understated luxury - Blaise Mautin Parfumeur, Paris

Dear readers, have you ever experience using a certain scent to record a wonderful memory about a place that you have visited? When fashion designer and taste-maker, Marie France van Damme, passed by Park Hyatt Hotel Paris a while back, she was instantly captivated by the scent that lingers in there, and was wondering if that ‘fragrance’ is available for sale, only back then that ‘fragrance’ is not for sale but somehow she got to know the gentleman behind, who created this enchanting scent only after few years later, not only that she finally got her namesake fragrance made by this gentleman, and that’s how I came to know about this remarkable perfumeur’s name – Blaise Mautin, and his elegant and sumptuous fragrance collection.

Having been studied in ISIPCA (a reputed institution for perfume professionals in France), Blaise is also a Knight of Arts and Letters – Ministry of Culture (France); Having inspiration from his extensive travels, knowledge in fragrance and sophistication, Blaise has worked on some private fragrance projects, creating exclusive and one-of-the-kind scent for numerous luxury hotels (which of course Park Hyatt Paris is one of them), and subsequently, founded his very own namesake luxury fragrance brand, to showcase his impeccable fragrance creation and distinctive taste about style and beauty.

With a chic and classy appeal, his ‘BM01 Fragrance Collection’ is very pleasing, in particular, it’s sophisticated bottle design, the overall looks simple and elegant; it is a rather difficult thing to make something simple and elegant at the same time, but with Blaise's work and his eye on detail, the overall presentation is just impeccable, truly expressed the Parisian elegance, modernity and sophisticated style. In terms of the fragrance for summer, it seems the ‘Musc Blanc’ will be relatively pleasing during the day time, with its freshness from the opening with Geranium and Rose, this fragrance is uplifting with a bit of exotic feel, perhaps it’s the combination of the white musk and Cypriol which gives that Middle-East exotic feel, overall it’s a soft and luxurious scent for a day-time gentleman.

Meanwhile, the ‘Ambre’ expresses the modern gent’s elegance at night, in a summer night actually; the citrusy opening in Tangerine and Lemon, mingles with the floral middle note, giving a certain French romanticism in a modern way; the woody and warm dry-down from Vetiver, Tonka Bean and Iris, it gives a depth to this fragrance: a rich (in terms of the scent), luxurious and somehow masculine but in a very gentle way, just like the scent of a precious Amber Grey yet it derives from the very special formula by the perfumeur himself, without using any of the natural Amber Grey. To me, this fragrance makes me think of a dapper gentlemen wearing his deep midnight blue tuxedo attire attending a private invited masquerade party in a grand Parisian mansion in one of the summer night, with a black satin bowtie and velvet slipper, his polished parting hair-do and a mysterious face-mask à-la-Phantom-of-the-opera style, leaning towards someone and whispers a discreet and alluring message; it feels like a suave and enigmatic French love affair is about to begin.

Besides the 2 fragrances that mentioned above, the entire ‘BM01 Fragrance Collection’ has some other beautiful fragrances for you to discover, as the perfumeur recommended, it is encouraged to do layering with the other fragrances from his collection too!

I personally believe in a scent can recapture a great memory, in particular, the fragrance by Blaise Mautin, his timeless and elegant creation, is just like revisiting a familiar place or an old friend, although the visit might be brief, the connection is always intimate, heart-felt and long-lasting, and of course, with much French sophistication and understated luxury.

Image courtesy of Blaise Mautin Parfumeur.


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