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Viennese hour – ‘Table Waltz’ clock by Carly Suchy & Söhne, Vienna

Dear readers, despite I am unable to travel at this point, I just received a very special invitation lately from my Viennese friend, an invite for the launch event of the new exquisite table clock named ‘Table Waltz’, by the reputed Viennese watchmaker, Carly Suchy & Söhne, which took place in the representing landmark of Vienna, the splendor and luxurious hotel (and one of my favorite one in Vienna) - Hotel Sacher.

As you all may know, I do have an eye on the beautiful timepieces by this Viennese watchmaker, the simple and understated elegance, the contemporary classic, and the flawless craftsmanship with the polish appeal. This time with the launch of this work-of-art, limited edition table clock (only 10 pieces produced), it is literally impressive and exciting! Although I cannot be in the launch event physically in Vienna in person, thankfully I got all the recap moment here which I’d like to share with you all.

With the opening speech presented by Mr. Robert Punkenhofer, Co-Owner and Founder of the watchmaker brand, the new born ‘Table Waltz’ was then unveiled in front of all the esteemed guests, along with the Carly Suchy & Söhne team as well as this new table clock’s designer, Mr. Rainer Mutsch, and the master watchmaker, Ms. Therese Wibmer, during the launch event.

The new ‘Table Waltz’ is a combination of Viennese artistry, innovation and technology. As the phrase ‘table clock’ comes to one’s mind, it might associate something dated or old-fashion, a bygone accessory and only being used in the old days; while for this new ‘Table Waltz’, it transcends the traditional perception about table clock into something modern and functional, a precious piece of art in one’s home. With its dark silk matte case that resonates the modern sculptural aura, contrasting with the golden metallic movement detail, the ‘Table Waltz’ illuminates any room with the splendor of Vienna.

The glass of the clock on the front and back, was engraved by hand by the traditional Viennese crystal manufactory, J. & L. Lobmeyr, which blends seamlessly into the conical fit of the brass case and provides a light-flooded stage for the artfully floating baton movement. Speaking of the clock’s movement, the watchmaker has discreetly used the CS-T1 in-house movement for this new work-of-art, with its designed over the course of two years of development, and, the highest quality of materials used and finished by hand, I can understand the undeniable charm of this new ‘Table Waltz’ now and how it attracted so many guests and connoisseurs to take a closer look into this work-of-art during the launch event.

Perhaps, it’s about time to ‘Waltz’ before it gets too late.

Image courtesy of Carly Suchy & Söhne, Vienna


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