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About My Modern Darcy

‘My modern Darcy’ is my imaginary mentor, he is probably the most incredible fella I ever know and admire that I always enjoy hanging out with and learn from him.  He is always impeccably stylish, debonair and smart, well-groomed and well-mannered just like the pleasant fragrance that he wears according to different occasions, he is also knowledgeable in everything like James Bond and speaks multiple foreign languages fluently, and he knows the best style of everything around him from what he wears to the place he lives.

Go behind his deboniar attire, he has the most pleasant character that a modern gentleman should have: humble, subtle, sensitive, romantic and sophisticated, tasteful and a veteran about the extraordinary things for a fine gent, not only he has an interesting and healthy lifestyle, he also has a spiritual side that understands how significant the greatness of love, compassion and peace could be to himself and others, knowing how to enjoy a good life with a passionate and positive attitude.

His timeless elegance has become his very own signature and he does not conform to any trends nor adopting certain fashion protocol as long as he feels comfortable, dapper and elegant that expresses himself spontaneously not only from his impeccable look but also his gentle demeanor and chivalry.  To me, he is not only my best friend but also a great mentor – both in style and life, a fine gent that inspires someone like me who obsesses with stylish and tasteful things in the world that others can’t tell me but he can, he is also the one that shows me how to be a modern day fine gent from inside out not only from the outer beauty but the inner cultivation,  he doesn’t necessarily be sober all the time but also possesses a hint of sense of humor and innovation, that keeps him to appreciate extraordinary and tasteful things in the world and paying respect to the ancient ones.

He is my modern Darcy.

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