Olfactory chic for Parisian summer - Pont des Arts Paris

When it comes to July, it always reminds me of one thing apart from Wimbledon (which was cancelled this year sadly), that is, the French national day (also known as Bastille Day); and it also reminds me of a promise that I made for myself, that I should spend my birthday in Paris (or France) if I could, being in the city of light and romance, dress elegantly with a polished outfit, adding a splash of sumptuous French fragrance, and spending a magical birthday evening over an elegant dinner and a glass of bubblies; While I can no longer keep this promise to myself anymore with the down drive of economy and chaotic situation in my city, which alters my lifestyle in 180-degree since two years

Urban sartoria – Christine L men’s tailoring, Hong Kong

Nowadays when we talked about tailoring for men, more or less it also takes us to think about the tailor or the artisan himself, his personal style and taste, his creation, and sometimes, even his persona, how he presented himself in social media, wearing his own tailoring creations, and the mix-&-match combination from each season, etc.; as we notice, it’s all about male mostly, and I guess, one of the reason is a male tailor or artisan knows what he wants to dress like (or at least strive to dress himself to someone he looked up to), and create something that expresses his own style, also, something that he will wear and feel comfortable with before creating these impeccable tailoring mens

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