Stylish classic vehicle event of the year - Concours of Elegance 2020 UK

Sometimes when there were too many things going on, distractions happen and it makes one forget things easily, it did happen to me during this month, while it’s not exactly about changing my wardrobe with my beloved Fall winter clothes and accessories, it’s my regret of missing one of the most sought-after event that I like, which is, The Concours of Elegance in UK. The event was held from 4th Sept to 6th Sept, this year’s Concours of Elegance 2020 UK is just another memorable one, with the quality of the automobile participated this year, it was more spectacular than ever. The event took place in the historic and majestic Hampton Court Palace, with the main vehicle features were complement

Color power - Berluti FW2020 menswear collection

Remember the power-dressing back in the late 80s? The padded shoulder blazer with the carrot-cut trousers with a sleek pointy shoes which dominated the fashion trend of menswear back then; I remember that pretty vividly as it’s the time that I start my journey in men’s fashion; for some reason, I realized that such silhouette is making their come-back, in an updated and colorful way, especially when I was looking at Berluti FW2020 menswear collection, the dynamic and vibrant colors that lifts our mood from the stagnated and depressing world, to a more joyful and fashionable one. With the runway show held in Opera Garnier Paris, the collection provokes the evolution of male dressing, under t

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