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Modern bespoke – Doyle + Mueser, New York

Appreciation on refined tailoring is a kind gesture of respecting delicate menswear and the artisan master who created it behind. Perhaps due to my career in the past that taught me a lot on nurturing an eye on appreciated a piece of fine tailoring clothing, from a super fine 120s cotton shirt with mother-of-pearl buttons, to hand-stitched canvas super fine 150s suit in soft shoulder and tailored waist in notch lapel with opened button hole, observing these little delicate and well-made details and feeling the fineness of fabric with your hands are the ultimate enjoyment for a true fine menswear connoisseur just like appreciating a piece of art.

Speaking of tailoring, something refreshing yet stylish just came across to me recently, a mid-night blue tuxedo jacket with a sleek black shawl collar, a black bowtie that makes the overall looks sharp and smart, the perfectly tailored waist in single-button closure that looks fitted and neat with turn-up on both sleeves that looks innovative, it literally brings me to Doyle + Mueser, a innovative and stylish bespoke label that becomes one of the raising star in mens tailoring world. Founded by a passionate duo, Ms. Amber Doyle and Mr. Jake Mueser, both are menswear tailoring enthusiasts graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology, after their precedent venture on creating private bespoke clothing as well as opening a decent store with their good friends on Lower East Side, New York, the designer duo finally opens their very first standalone boutique in 2010. The humble and decent boutique interior expresses the traditional classic and modern simplicity, a intelligent mix of tailoring and contemporary high fashion store feel within one space.

To both the Amber and Jake, the core philosophy of Doyle + Mueser is an artistic symphony of luxury tailoring menswear: distinctive combination of British classic and Italian elegance with fitted torso and soft shoulder, employed with traditional American tailoring workmanship to create a tasteful piece of bespoken clothing. With the collection inspired by modern American luxury from Hollywood to country club, the exquisite bespoke collection included a range of fine suiting, shirting and formalwear, with over thousands of fabric selection offered from air-weight cotton and linen for summer, to extra fine wool from renowned English and Italian mills in tweeds and pinstripes that suits for all year round. Each piece of fine tailoring clothing are cut and finished by master tailors with vigorous workmanship and attention to detail, the sumptuous of refined menswear that customize to each individual to express their own character.

With the blooming trend of formalwear in the world of menswear, the label’s tuxedo is also noteworthy that offers the greatest elegance and sharpness to a modern day gent, polished and luxurious fabric with innovative palette give a playful twist to a modern day gent. Apart from the delicate bespoke clothing collection, Doyle + Mueser also offers a range of accessories from pocket square to necktie, and socks to umbrellas that reminiscent to the British classic yet giving the contemporary playfulness with the eccentric colors and patterns.

Just as it seems bespoke clothing with modern twist is too good to be true, now you have something refreshing to look for.

Image courtesy of Doyle + Mueser.

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