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Bespoke elegance in Mayfair - Hayward, London

If I bring up the names of both James Bond and Charlie Croker together, what does it come to your mind? Besides they are both English fiction characters, they are also an iconic figure that inspires well-dressed gentlemen and dandies all over the world, especially when I started to discover more about the attire dated the role played by Sir Roger Moore and Sir Michael Caine, there’s a common man behind that made the characters look so attractive and dashing with their polished look from well-tailored suits to black-tie tuxedo, it all derives from the master tailor, Mr. Douglas Hayward, who has been making the exquisite tailoring suits for both actors in the movies as well as their real life. The story simply starts from the sophisticated neighborhood, in Mayfair, London.

Since the store opened in 1968 on 95 Mount Street, Hayward has been a beloved household name for his refined tailoring pieces, relaxed and understated style that captures the classic and sharpness of a British gent style, also the polished and smart look of a Hollywood actor. Leaving school during his youth on looking for a white collar job, the young Douglas was an apprentice at one of the master tailor house, Shepherd’s Bush Green, with his dedication and vigorous craftsmanship that created the legacy of his name that later attracts countless of world renowned actors and elites coming through the Hayward’s door. Since the passing of this remarkable tailor in 2008, the house still maintain the spirit and value of the gentleman on creating the finest tailoring with their sartorial expertise and know-how, combines traditional workmanship and contemporary silhouette to elevate this tailoring house into a higher level that adore by both their long-esteemed customers, including Sir Roger Moore, Sir Michael Caine, and late actor Steve McQueen (which known as a Hayward’s man for ‘Thomas Crown Affair’), as well as the new generation that seeks superb quality tailoring, modern elegance and stylish creations.

To experience the ultimate refinement of Hayward’s tailoring, you simply can’t resist with their exquisite bespoke suits, a fully handcrafted pieces in exceptional cut and incomparable fit, it requires a hundred hours with minimum of 7 expertise to complete a refined garment. The distinctive style and relaxed elegance silhouette, the jacket is made with a natural, soft shoulder, high waist and the house’ signature square notch lapel that creates a smart and refined look, thanks to the well-trained tailors in house with the highest standards, the degree of craftsmanship is simply incredible with the artisan work and details.

The Made to Measure suit is also noteworthy that offers personalized options, letting you to experience the flawless finish of a tailoring piece constructed to your own measurement.

For something a little more ‘fashion-forward’, the house’s SS14 capsule collection will possibly catch your eyes with their well-tailored blazers as the core of the collection in luxurious fabrics from world renowned mills, ranging from fine linen to light weight fine wool. Shirts are fresh and bright in timelessly classic pattern such as stripes and checks, made with 100% Swiss cotton that enables the breathability and comfort during the hot summer days. Never forget the finishing touch with great accessories! Look up a colorful tie and pocket square to accompany the summer classic outfit. The house also offers a range of stylish trunks from Frescobol and sunglasses from Thom Browne, adding the polished tailoring look with a contemporary stylish twist.

Want to create your own James Bond or Charlie Croker look? Now you know the name to mark on your itinerary when you stopped by the neighborhood of Mayfair after the Wimbledon game.

Image courtesy of Hayward, London.

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