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‘Fall’ in love with patina - Santoni

The warm and beautiful hue of autumn reminds me of the exquisite patina on a pair of well-crafted shoes, from the warm golden yellow of Aspen leaves, to the lovely scarlet as well as the bronze from a Maple tree, the mother nature has become a great source of inspiration to our Fall season wardrobe. Looking at Santoni’s new fall winter shoes collection resonates the same kind of warm and harmonious feeling like someone handing you a cup of warm tea, yet, with such profound artisan spirit behind.

Perhaps it’s the influence I had when looking at the patina painting demonstration a week ago by this artisan shoemaker’s, each stroke of paint was very discreetly applied with dedication, effort and skill, but that’s only part of it, the entire shoemaking process is much fascinating when one took a closer look with the finishing, each part from the assembling of the leather to waxing of the edge are flawlessly neat and precise, which perfectly indicates the impeccable craftsmanship and the dedication of this prestigious shoemaker on creating not simply a pair of fine shoes but also the artistic elements that put into with the heart and the heritage of know-how into each creations.

For a timeless elegant look, a pair of brown leather monk strap with double-side buckle looks perfectly dapper with a polished attire in a navy blue blazer and a pair of fine cotton beige slacks. To complete a more classic business look, a pair of Oxford leather lace-up is a must-have thanks to its classic touch of the decorative pattern, the sleek and sumptuous outlook, either is a pair of mahogany or black color, I can instantly think of a flannel pinstripe 3-piece suit outfit with a crispy white pocket-square. Of course, when it comes to Fall season, a pair of ankle boot gives a smarter weekend appeal wearing with a lightweight cashmere wool coat and a pair of slim cut denim.

Yes autumn is an inspiring season, so enjoy dressing up with your favorite autumn hue.

Image courtesy of Santoni

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