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Paradise of niche fragrance - Jovoy Paris

Place Vendôme of Paris is well-known for its Colonne Vendôme, a monument that made from a thousand Cannons erected by Napoleon I, but also a world renowned landmark for luxury timepiece and jewelers as their home, and of course, the prestigious Ritz hotel situates right in the neighborhood, but within a stone throw away distance from this beautiful square towards the Tuilerie garden, another ‘hidden gems’ is just tucked almost at the end of Rue de Castiglione, this ‘gems’ doesn’t literally glitter but exudes the most captivating scent that intrigues people to discover the origin of the beautiful and sensible smell. For fine fragrance lovers, stepping into Jovoy Paris is like entering the paradise of the world’s fine and rare fragrance, get ready to be immersed into the mythical stories of the most luxurious and precious fragrances in the world. My dear friend, Mr. François Hénin, President and Founder of this prestigious perfume house, has been one of the most influential and legendary gentleman in the luxury niche perfume field in France, his charm of Parisian gent, easy-going personality and welcoming sense of humor has become his own signature, just like his spacious and tastefully decorated fragrance boutique in the vibrant red wall contrasting with the dark wood furniture and cabinets, the Parisian chic and allure meets the glamorous mystery.

I remember the first time I met François for a deluxe edition of a French luxury fragrance that I once wrote about, but no matter how fast time flies, the bond of the olfactory sensation doesn’t keep us in distance, the reunion is still warm and joyful just like we met yesterday, he shares his news about another new boutique he opened in Paris, while I share with him about his boutique’s namesake fragrance ‘Gardez moi’ that I got from him last time, is still half a bottle away to be finished because of its preciousness to recall my great memory about Paris.

Jovoy Paris, with its namesake luxury fragrance collection, is renowned with its effort on reviving the long-lost beauty of rare fragrance in the past, from the ingredients to formulas, with the passion and dedication of the fine gent, the house has successfully bring back a series of beautiful perfume and launched since 2006, with the precision from the use of ingredients, bottle design and also the core spirit of the fragrance, the success of Jovoy Paris has been recognized with the adoration by the chicest Parisian clients and perfume connoisseurs to keep coming back and revisit this artisan work, celebrates the legacy of French perfume making savoir-faire being continued and flourished by this genuine passion of François’, and his belief in the significance of fine niche fragrances nowadays.

‘Gardez moi’ is the very first fragrance that I get to know about the brand, translated as ‘please keep me’, the sumptuous and floral scent is the epitome of the glamorous 20s yet modernized and suits into the present days, the gentle white floral included gardenia, white jasmine and a hint of Vanilla, Oak Moss and black pepper, giving the soft and memorable sensation in a modern Parisian way.

Another new favorite ‘L’Arbre de la Connaissance’, an airy and fresh fragrance offers a more spiritual feel, thanks to the fruity fig, green leaves and sandalwood, the subtle beauty of this fragrance is perfect for hot climate and resort season, the understated freshness of this fragrance is like a touch of a floating chiffon, pleasant and soothing.

Next time when you are visiting the Place Vendôme neighborhood and look up a fine piece of jewelry, you know that another piece of ‘hidden gems’ is just right down the street with a fragrance surprise waiting for you to discover.

Image courtesy of Jovoy Paris

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