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Beauty of sartorial excellence – Corneliani

Sometimes reuniting with an old friend brings certain unexplainable surprises and joy, at least that happened to me in this particular moment when meeting Mr. Sergio Corneliani, Creative Director of Corneliani, which reminds me of the very first time I establish the bond with this prestigious house of refined Italian menswear dated back about 2 years ago, their immaculate Fall winter ready-to-wear collection literally impressed me, the sophisticated look from the assemble of melange grey 2-button jacket with a white extra fine wool turtleneck swear and a pair of black slim trousers in sable wool, to the more outdoor elegant look of a grey suit in waistcoat with a tailored grey Maxi overcoat in boucle alpaca wool draped on the shoulder, this looks very much my ideal fall winter look. Our conversation literally reminds me of how we first know each other, then the beautiful story behind this luxury Italian menswear mansion, its heritage plus legacy of Italian tailoring and style that became what they are today.

The beautiful story started from the beautiful town in Italy called Mantua, a UNESCO world heritage site also embodied by Renaissance culture, this town nurtured the birth of sartorial excellence and Italian elegance of Corneliani, which anchored by the founder’s sons, Mr. Claudio and Carlalberto Corneliani, in 1958. The poetic and artistic environment that inspired this refined menswear house to take advantage of these incredible qualities around them as their foundation to create the finest menswear that represents their aesthetic and vision, a symbol of elegance par excellence that combines the preciousness and value of Italian-made product, the constant pursuit of beauty of substance over beauty of form with the quintessential quality and craftsmanship, to produce every single piece of the garment that made this Italian mansion as one of the most significant name for someone who is looking for high quality and high standard mens clothing, from formal business to weekend relaxing style, in great Italian elegance and beauty.

Currently run by the 3rd generation of the family, interpreting more than 50 years of history through their genuine passion for exquisite Italian-made menswear, the house also preserved and showing respect toward the tradition know-how of tailoring, the typical Italian style to be precise, with their determined capability to catch up the pace of modernity, which is also the crucial element to bring the household name forward in combination of the use of innovative technology, to create an impeccable clothing collection with a sharper, cleaner and more elegant silhouette in combination of their exquisite craftsmanship from the past into their sumptuous collection.

The Made-to-measure of Corneliani is a result of a harmonious union of artistic and precise sartorial craftsmanship, the Italian elegance and beauty at its excellence, and high end technology, which makes it becomes the ultimate and luxurious pamper for sartorial connoisseurs to experience this personalized and exclusive service. The complexity and rigorous effort behind included the attention to details of each procedure of creating the beautiful suit from the delicate stitching to finishing, the luxurious fabric choices from S210’s to cashmere and cashmere/silk mixes to the finest linens, then to the most indulging part of taking measurement by the sartorial experts, each part of it interprets the valuable essence of the house – tradition, quality, modernity that sum up in the claim: the continuity of the past in the present.

To experience the beauty and heritage of Italian sartorial, apart from going to Mantua in person and experience the poetic, picturesque atmosphere as well as homage to Italian tailoring, another option can possibly be having an incredible Made-to-measure suit as a pamper for yourself.

Image courtesy of Corneliani S.p.A.

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