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Alluring sanctuary – Maison Souquet, Paris

Ever since my visit to the magnificent Château du Champ de Bataille, owned and redecorated by renowned French interior designer, Mr. Jacques Garcia, the memory of that visit is still very vivid to me until now, not sure if I was conjured by the spectacular and seductive work by the designer, or my obsession with the grandeur and moving history behind the castle. Just when I thought it’s about time for me to revisit some of the great memories by flipping the pages of the book about this castle right on my coffee table over a cup of hot earl grey tea, an email just came right in my inbox, gladly it’s a new hotel project in Paris by this tasteful interior designer – Maison Souquet.

Located within the bohemian quarter in Paris in between 18th and 9th arrondissements, this spectacular Maison Souquet is a secret refuge that combines the exotic splendor and French allure with the opulence of the Belle Époque. One can recognized the signature detail by the tasteful designer: the deep Bordeaux red velvet fabric and the dark nostalgic atmosphere, for this particular project, Jacques has added some Arabic elements into this interior which mingles with the grandeur of the Napolean III velveteen with an eclectic collection of furniture, artwork, and paintings, giving the entire experience of the style-savvy travelers an elegant, mysterious and sensual one at the same time that filled with Parisian flair of culture meets haute-couture, luxurious and intimate.

As a hotel that not only provide comfort in style, Maison Souquet is also an ideal place for ones to meet their closest friend, the quintessential Parisian luxe experience starts from the bar of the hotel, as the heartbeat of the house, The Maison Souquet Bar is the focal point of rendezvous thanks to its grandiose and majestic atmosphere, a sublime extension of everyday life where it feels good to be served, this sumptuous bar interior is an imitate reading room with its monumental fireplace, piano, books and games, an ideal place to express your secret indulgence in style, don’t forget to get yourself an elitist selection of tea in the afternoon, or, their addictive cocktail from the menu by night.

The hotel rooms are also delicately furnished with every single detail being looked after, the ‘Salon des 1001 nuits’ for example, is the perfect representation of this new interior concept, an uncontrived blend of Arabian flair and Napoleon III velveteen, plus each elements from the quatrefoil framework, sculpted carpentry and red marble floor to the objet d’Art, porcelain and tassel wall lamps, these beautiful rooms are an enchanted sanctuary that infuses with magic and exoticism.

The Haute-couture cocoons pays homage to the singular beauty of the courtesans for who they are named, one can simply feel the alluring splendor from the French interior designer, draped in two thousand meters of fabric, each forms a cocoon that reveals an unique atmosphere, from Napoleon III or Art Deco to Indian, Chinese or Japanese.

Of course, pampering yourself after the long flight is necessary, the Celestial Spa of Maison Souquet should possibly the great place for you to relax after settled down, the secret spa is decorated with a celestial ceiling with golden stars shimmer across a cobalt blue sky, takes you to a borderless domain with tranquility and relaxation.

Either you are a fan of the splendid & seductive interior design by Jacque, or open to experience something new apart from the typical Parisian chic, Maison Souquet could possibly be the choice of having both that turns your dream comes true with alluring French charm and exotic fantasy.

Image courtesy of Eric Antoine.

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