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Upclose with first-class podiatric healer – Bastien Gonzalez

A misty and rainy January always reminds of the arrival of spring, somehow the tricky weather also triggered the stiffness and sore of my whole body, seems like it’s the perfect time about going for a massage as a little reward for the hard work done throughout the week. A friend of mine recommended me to visit a very special and talented healer, who flew all the way in town for his workshop in Mandarin Spa in Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong.

After entering the tranquil and soothing spa, the zen-inspired salon has instantly soothed me with its calming and serene atmosphere, leaving your mind in this modern sanctuary aside from the busy concrete jungle. Then the Studio Manager, Albin, came forth with his warm smile and gentle handshake, welcoming guests with his French charm and warm gesture. After a brief intro by this charming young gent and got me a seat to the relaxing sitting lounge, a soft voice of a gentleman suddenly came right behind me, calling my name in an absolute gentle tone, as my head turned around, a decent French gent was standing only few steps away, his polished grooming in a very simple and timeless attire in a plain pastel celestial blue dress shirt, a black fine wool twill pants and a pair of polished back point-toe leather shoes, his sophisticated European charm and great sense of humor instantly impressed me (so as the rest of the female guests too), that’s the moment that I finally meet this legendary podiatry master – Mr. Bastien Gonzalez.

With his passion on podiatry from a skiing accident after undergone a series of extensive physiotherapy treatments, Bastien decided to establish his very own practice, ‘Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio’, to offer the top class and elite soothing treatments from podiatry, relaxing foot massage to nailcare that encompasses the demands of nail grooming & feet fatique recovery with premium attentiveness and professional care by his in-house specialist. Globally renowned with his luxurious and distinctive foot treatment, this strong entrepreneur spirited gentleman operates his prestigious world class studios located in several major capitals around the world from London then across the Atlantic to New York, with his 3-year podiatry training in Paris, this charming healing master always keeping his principals by creating a genuine new well-being practice that offers an unique relaxing massage treatments, a true sense of luxury that one’s can pamper themselves at utmost comfort and re-energizing treatment with style. Prestigious client lists worldwide from elites to professionals and celebrities, Bastien always challenges himself in life and keep exploring new possibilities ahead, such philosophy also gains his great recognition not only by the elite female clients but also the rapidly-growing male clienteles.

But what makes the modern day gent start to aware of this sensual and delicate foot treatment nowadays? I sat down with Basiten for a brief chat, and surprisingly, almost half of their patrons are male in both Hong Kong and Singapore, and I soon learnt from the French gent that nowadays for gents, especially for those who constantly seeks qualitative way of living, realize the significance of foot care thanks to the trends of relaxing resort also the delicate handwork during the treatment (the refined tools and the sounds that just like craving a sculpture of an artist), such kind of attentiveness, eyes on detail and hands-on caring is highly appreciated by the refined gentleman who enjoy their treatment to be done in a completely private and tranquil environment. The charming Bastien then handed me a glass of Veuve blanc, and continue telling me about the consciousness of male customer these days is better than female in terms of foot caring, since we didn’t have any problem from wearing high heels like women did that pressure their toes too much, inherently , troubleshooting foot issues are relatively easier for male, the key words are moisturizing and massage – both methods can help to increase the elasticity of the skin, and boosting the metabolism, a very simple foot massage for 5 minutes every night before bed for 3 months can literally help to reduce the calluses, also, improve the smoothness of your feet. Apart from the regular massage and treatments, Bastien pointed out the significance of applying premium quality footcare products, which is also a crucial factor to maintain healthy feet, starting with the silky texture foot cream that boosts the moisturizing process during the night, and, an extra fine grained powder application before wearing your shoes to reduce the tension of rubbing in between the skin and the shoes also serve as an efficient sweat absorbing purpose.

After this valuable workshop, I soon learn that modern day gents should no longer feel embarrassed about having their foot care treatments, not only it feels good but also a great way to take care of yourself by starting from your feet!

Special thanks to Mandarin Spa, Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong.

Image courtesy of Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio and Mandarin Spa.


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