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‘From Tip to Toe’ by Robert Klanten & Sven Ehmann

Glancing through the bookshelves of the bookstore that I visited in regular basis, seems like I am looking for something but nothing particular in mind, just when I was about to turn my head away to settle with an interior magazine, something like a shape quick flash sparks in my eyes, it’s not something literally shines but just a snapshot of a polished and stylish gent book cover, a view of his side in a Prince-of-Wales heathery grey suit with the burgundy window pane pattern, which accentuates his chocolate brown knit tie contrasting with the crispy white shirt, and then I take a closer look then started to realize, it’s a beautiful new book about stylish men’s guide - ‘From Tip to Toe’ by Robert Klanten & Sven Ehmann, a guide for essential men’s wardrobe.

With the urge of my curiosity, I pick up the book and start to look through page by page, the exclaim in silence within me said how smart this book is when it comes to creating your own closet from a broad range of suggestions, from formal business wear to weekend casuals, it’s a guide for those who strives to look impeccably stylish within one book thanks to the discreet selections of iconic mens’ clothiers around the world.

As the namesake title means, this book is an essence of giving some style-savvy young gents a fundamental guide to build up their wardrobe with much tasteful and smarter options that can last timelessly throughout their life, no matter it’s from his hat on his head to the sole of his shoes, this smart guide outlined the essential elements that forms a men’s wardrobe – casual, formal, heritage, countryside, sportswear festivities and functional, which enables readers to easily navigates and find what they need with resourceful info and inspiring beautiful images.

My favorite part is needlessly the everlasting elegance of Paul Sturat / Phineas Cole, and the playful with a little bit of eccentric twist, fill with French preppy and chic accessory label Le Loir en Papillon, which both of them exude the impeccable charm and elegance in their own ways.

If you are about to look for some new ideas for your new Spring Summer wardrobe, perhaps the answer is just right here.

Image courtesy of Gestalten, front cover image: "Rose Callahan of Armando Suárez Cobián in a J. Mueser bespoke suit“.

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