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Male grooming oasis – Gentlemen’s Tonic Mayfair, London

Male grooming has been one of the crucial piece of puzzle in personal style and certainly hygiene, it’s pretty much very prevalent nowadays for a fine gent to go for a facial once in a while to maintain their look at its tip-top shape, and of course, it is literally something very enjoyable too especially after a busy long week. If one tries to avoid any embarrassment to pop in any of the beauty salon, now we have a perfect place for you. Tucked in the hustling-&-bustling Hong Kong, Gentlemen’s Tonic locates right in the heart of the city, a private and stylish beauty salon originates from Mayfair, London, specializes their professional grooming treatments exclusively for style-conscious gents from haircut to massage and facial with their exclusive range of in-house skincare and grooming products. The comfort and refreshing feeling is just like being in an oasis from the desert, rejuvenated by it’s cool fountain water with fresh greenery breeze and sunlight.

Mr. Chris Bonnefoy, Director of Gentlemen’s Tonic, looks after this stylish and beautiful salon also as an ambassador for his brand to develop this male grooming movement in Asia, greets me in person with his friendly smile. His gentle hospitality just reflects as impeccable as the interior design of his salon, timelessly classic and stylish like entering in a well-decorated Georgian interior mansion, the pearl grey striped wallpaper contrasting the masculine dark grey lower wall panel creates a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, reminiscent to the clean and subtle English home where an elegant gentleman with a decent and debonair flair who lives in it. As soon as I started to get myself settled, a refreshing beverage was offered in the cozy resting area, right next to a variety of unique skincare products from shaving and facial kits to body and hair care collections.

Within a moment I was escorted down to their private treatment room, the minimalistic, calm and clean atmosphere instantly brings me into the resting mode, as a downtempo tune by Morcheeba started to play, it takes me to a complete at-ease state of mind, starting with the refreshing facial cleansing, followed by a gentle facial massage that helps to release the tension of facial and shoulder muscles, then a hot dampen towel gently covered the face to open up the pores for another deep-level cleansing with the in-house exfoliating facial scrub and the delicate manual cleansing performed by the beautician. As the final touch, a soothing facial mask and a 2nd gentle massage offers the refreshing and rejuvenated energy, enables you to kick start the new week with a re-energizing look and vitality. Besides the signature facial treatments, this luxurious beauty salon also provides other male grooming packages that enables the busy gents like you to pamper yourself throughout the week.

With such professional and comprehensive grooming treatments available, how can you resist to this exclusive and self-indulging oasis for a style-conscious gents like you to spend a relaxing time off?

Image courtesy of Gentlemen’s Tonic Mayfair, London.

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