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A gentle British zest – Bayolea grooming series by Penhaligon’s

Since we were in the topic about British grooming lately, coincidentally, my dear friend from Penhaligon’s just came back from his holiday and we started talking about my recent writing and grooming products; of course, it’s also time to stock-up a little bit for my own too. Among dozens of appealing fragrance selection from this renowned British fragrance house, one of my favorite is nonetheless the refreshing Bayolea series. A comprehensive range that covers everything male grooming needs from fragrance to skincare, and from bath line to hair pomade, giving you a 360-degree experience to capture the essence of British classic and refreshment all day long.

To me, the scent of this light, dressy and easy-going Bayolea is quintessentially day time British gent, as it always remind me of a polished and suave gentleman, wearing a luxurious black fine wool suit in white pinstripe, underneath it with a starched crispy white shirt with a classic Prince-of-Wales check tie; carrying his black calf leather doctor briefcase and a pair of well-polished Oxford shoes, who just came out from a barber shop after having his shaving and facial treatment before heading to work, the clean, refreshing and energizing scent that makes him feel good and confident but not overwhelming, thanks to the zesty notes of Lemongrass, Mandarin & Tangerine, then softly evolve to a more masculine notes such as in Cardamom, Black Pepper and Lavender, eventually settled in a subtle scent of Sandalwood, Musk and Moss.

Another thing that appeals me a lot about Bayolea is the design of the label, it literally makes me think of those little bottles and pill boxes from the vintage British pharmacy, the art of precision and the poise from a polished doctor, his flair of professionalism and British elegance, such character has been truly reflected on its dark navy imprinted label, and the house’s signature cap ribbon in black, a candid and pure British classic makes this an ideal fragrance and grooming series for the misty and humid spring time.

My ideal pick from the Bayolea range: the gentle facial scrub and facial wash as the fresh start of the day, then giving your facial skin a little bit of supple and moist with the light soothing gel, style your hair with the hair pomade to bring the debonair freshness for your hair, then finally of course, splashing the zesty Bayolea fragrance all over or perhaps a little bit on your shirt too. Last but not least, don’t forget to put a charming smile on your face.

Image courtesy of Penhaligon’s London

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