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Meeting the stylish Neapolitan artisan - Gennaro Annunziata of Chiaia Napoli

Which statement makes the most sense to you? ‘The man made the suit’? Or, ‘The suit made the man’? If I have to pick the answer, it will possibly be one of my dear and stylish Neapolitan friend - Mr. Gennaro Annunziata, the master tailor of Chiaia Napoli, this always tastefully-dressed fine gent is possibly the perfect answer to prove that both statements are equally makes sense, and accurate to describe him as soon as you see his tailoring work, and impeccable sense of style that he put together for himself.

Being captured by leading fashion photographers even in Instagram, as one of the most dazzling style icon wherever he goes, from Pitti Uomo to his own brand’s trunkshow around the world, Gennaro always exudes his Italian charm and timelessly elegance with his gentle deportment and a sunshine smile, possess a masculine and stylish flair from Napoli, one of the home of mens sartorial in the world, also, as one of the top 100 most best dressed men in the world (by "From Gents Town"), the dapper Gennaro never feel tired with his energetic drive and enthusiasm about delicate hand craftsmanship, construction of each mens tailoring pieces he creates, no matter it’s a jacket, a shirt or even a tie, the attentiveness of Gennero is just as attractive as his Neapolitan charm, the sensitivity, and an understate force of perfection to create an exquisite and unique bespoke garment, with his hands and heart that spelled with artisanal magic.

Perhaps it’s the cultural root which influenced by his artistic hometown that cultivates the stylish artisan as such an artistic talent, on the other hand, there is always a sensational vibe I got from this talented gent, his own set of values and vision to see classic menswear and men's lifestyle, which he interpreted in his own language by putting his own creation on himself, the soft-shoulder jacket yet upright in polished silhouette, relaxed Italian elegance with a liberated spirit, the impeccable craftsmanship by hand and the sophisticated ensemble, makes the combination of his creation an immaculate work; thanks to his deportment and charm which added something extra into his work, making the entire idealism of a classic Neapolitan gentleman comes to life, and it’s real.

Since he founded Chiaia Napoli in 2009, Gennaro has been travelling around the world to promote the beauty and preciousness of sartorial culture from Europe to Asia, the trunkshow schedule got much frequent season after season, then back to his tailoring studio to complete his creation, but still, this stylish Neapolitan fine gent never stop for a moment to capture the best shoot of himself and share with world, that also speaks of his vitality not only come from his passion about tailoring but also his consciousness about a tasteful sense of style, which he determines to make himself an icon for his own brand.

Whenever I met with this stylish artisan, his enthusiasm and warm-hearted gesture is always memorable, a gentle voice yet having a smart and sharp eyes about sartorial excellence and attention to details in his work, from fabric selection to the creation, the impeccable stitch work to the fitting with clients, brings the entire Chiaia sartorial experience to the ultimate prestigious and luxurious one.

Either it’s the man made the suit or the other way around, one of the best way to find out is possibly be meeting with this Neapolitan gentleman, or, having your Chiaia jacket made.

Image courtesy of Chiaia Napoli.

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