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Lightweight luxury – Berluti SS2016 menswear collection

It feels like a serendipity to stop-by at the Berluti store window over the weekend, and it suddenly stirred me up with some memories about the exquisite and beautiful Olga III which impressed me a lot dated back years ago, the unique patina shading and the glossy yet antique finishing that gives an artisanal uniqueness to the creation, it makes them as a piece of art; Such artistic character can also be found in their SS2016 ready-to-wear collection, inspired by the modernist architecture of Chandigarh in northern India by Le Corbusier in early 1960s, the interesting color ranging from the muted tone such as calcium greys, aluminium and meteorite, to the vivid and eye-catching neptunite navy blue, rhodonite red and emerald green with all surfaces have a dense and matt finish, giving the contrast and energy to the way of dressing up with luxury and fun at the same time.

In terms of the silhouette, lightweight has become the key of the collection, in particular the jackets, that are narrow-fitted without internal construction, the informal proportions, boxy and oversized outerwear in both long and short lengths with new materials to make the pieces more durable and waterproof possible, this gives a more relaxed yet modern sophistication which ideal for globetrotters on-the-go that are style-savvy and choosy in comfortable travelling clothes at the same time.

Another noteworthy is the new powder-coated leather, appears in their beautiful classic bags with a series of densely pigmented colors, that takes the artisanal beauty to a contemporary chic which complemented the refreshing ready-to-wear pieces. Of course, don’t walk out the door without the pair of the Playtime trainer, with its return in a triple colourway, available in customization with the specific color of patinas of your choice, applied by hand from their experts in the atelier.

Apart from your formal business attire, now you can stretch your wing and fly high with great style.

Image courtesy Berluti / Karla Otto

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