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A souvenir of urban tranquility – Stillsegler, Vienna

Shopping for souvenir has become part of a routine for most of the people whenever they travel abroad, either for friends and family or sometimes, for yourself, it is a tangible memory to record the moment of spending a wonderful time in a city or place that you like, also of course, a kind gesture of sharing such joy to your friends and family that they can feel the same way in return too. It was a sunny afternoon when I was wondering around in the renowned shopping boulevard in Vienna – Graben, and thinking of getting something unique, stylish, and represents Viennese elegance as souvenir, it’s not something it was planned but by accident (a good one I mean), I was passing by a very sophisticated yet understated shop, the warm and sophisticated window with the marble-framed exterior stops me right at the moment, and somehow I have a feeling that I might find something there.

Stepping into the store of Stillsegler feels like one is entering into a state of tranquility, sophistication and style altogether. Thanks to the minimalistic and calming atmosphere, the crispy white wall and the soft woodland-Maple-like furnishing and flooring, a soft-touched message of modern European classic and elegance. This understated and beautiful store which locates on Spiegelgasse, offers a range of delicate and luxurious home accessories and table-top wares, that reflects one’s refined taste on seeking serenity and minimal elegance deep down from their soul to their living environment and their own self.

The first thing that caught my eyes is the neat and stylish table setting display, with the clean-line and soft-colored tableware, the Mondavio dishes and soup bowls, along with the beautiful patterned Laula glasses and Afrodite water bottle, a stylish dining setting as an ideal interpretation of modern European elegance. Turning my head around, it’s the area that you can find the most sophisticated fashion accessories including the timelessly classic Giulia scarves, made with the finest pure linen in a range of soothing and sophisticated colors from snow white to soft lilac, from imperioal blue to bordeaux red. Also for someone who are keen on fine leather goods, the sophisticated Fiore belts are just as appealing as the beautiful scarves collection with a range of sophisticated colors that can match with your minimalistic and zen-inspired closet. My personal favorite is certainly the nostalgic Arnold hip flask, wrapped with durable felt fabric an a stitched leather label, very simple yet very stylish and thoughtful. Just in case your shopping is way too many, simply think about getting a timeless Lugano weekender or a Globo bag, made with the finest and light-weight suede (for Lugano weekender) and light canvas with calf-leather trimming (for Globo bag), both looks understated and stylish.

Afterall, souvenir shopping is not one of a headache anymore, especially when you have a full range of options that covers almost everything, from haberdashery to home furnishing, within one delicate store with modern Viennese chic and sophistication.

Image courtesy of Stillsegler, Vela Handels GmbH & Co KG

Photo credit: Gerold Zeidler –

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