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Concours of Elegance 2016 at Windsor Castle, Berkshire

It’s only about two weeks away before marking the end of the summer holiday, that doesn’t mean all the holiday amusement has to fade away as well, in fact, there’s one of the prominent event that I am looking forward to. If you are a huge fan of stylish automobiles - especially vintage cars, and enjoy dressing up elegantly with some classic British flair, mingle with the vintage car owners, like-minded enthusiasts even making new friends in a tremendously stylish and nostalgic afternoon, I have a possibly the most desirable recommendation for you.

Concours of Elegance has been one of the most important event for vintage car lovers in England, it comes to my attention a couple of years ago and I started to feel intrigue, no, actually, adore with this incredibly prominent event of the year. Everybody dressed up nicely to show up, the guests, car owners, either you go with the family, by yourself, or your significant others, the entire ambient is filled with classic English sophistication, joy and style. Witnessing the beautiful vintage cars drives in to the venue one by one, the thoughtful attire of the car owners, feeling proud and happy to rally with their beloved automobile to show how much effort and passion they have spent to look after them, the sound of the car engine roars that makes ones feel the power, energy and rigour, which marks the grand commencement of this prominent event.

For this year, the Concours of Elegance will return to the spectacular venue, the largest and oldest inhabited castle in the world, Windsor Castle. Located in the English county of Berkshire, this spectacular property has been the family home of the British monarchs for almost 1,000 years, which makes it an ideal venue that represents the grandeur and profound English history, makes it a perfect stage for the Concours of Elegance, also as a gesture of celebrating the 90th birthday of Her Majesty The Queen.

This year marks the fifth year of the only automotive event that held at a Royal venue each year, the uniqueness, grandeur and quintessential British classic style has attracted the most exceptional and exquisite cars from all over the world, get together to showcase their beauty, the passion of the car owners, the admiration of the magnificent engineering work, and of course, a homage to the traditional English style, one can simply tell by how each guest get inspired and enjoy this remarkable event through their expression - the precision and classic attire, their appreciation through the interactions and idea exchange with the crowd, and their smile.

Get ready for this spectacular event? Mark you calendar now as it will be opened to public on 3rd & 4th September 2016. Even the summer holiday is coming to an end, the stylish dream that filled with classic English elegance has just begun.

Image courtesy of Concours of Elegance UK / Influence Associates, © Tim Scott/Fluid images, Dominic Hinde & Matt Ankers.

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