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Enchantment of the city of music – Vienna (Part II)

Followed by the first part of this Vienna series, we are heading to some where slightly farther away, yet, certainly worthwhile to pay a visit to when you were in this beautiful city. To continue our discovery of the splendid and glorious legacy of the Habsburg family, Schönbrunn Palace is the place one should make their footstep there. As a former summer residence of the imperial family, this beautiful palace is one of the most significant monument and museum, including the splendid, sumptuously furnished apartments that showcased the life of Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth, the luxurious and grandeur interior decoration and furniture in the style of 19th century is definitely eye-catching, you will also see the apartments where Queen Maria Theresa used to live. One of my favorite room is the most spectacular Great Gallery, which formerly catered for big events such as balls and banquets, this huge space are sumptuously decorated in Rococo style with the gilded wall details, giant crystal chandeliers, and the magnificent ceiling fresco painted by the Italian artist, Gregorio Guglielmi.

Then walk towards uphill passing the Neptune Fountain and the palace garden, it will take you to another glorious monument - Gloriette, built in late 18th century according to the plans of the Austrian imperial architect, Johann Ferdinand Hetzendorf von Hohenberg, this monument marked the victory of the wars during the 18th century, one of the most renowned and beautiful monument that one can see its glorious Neoclassical architecture design and details. Despite the severe damage after World War II, it has been restored in both 1947 then 1995 respectively to bring back its glory. Climbing up to the roof-top of Gloriette to have one of the best view of the Schönbrunn Palace, and a beautiful Vienna city view from a higher ground, it’s definitely another unforgettable and incredible experience apart from the imperial splendor inside the palace.

Last but not least, the spectacular Belvedere Museum which takes one back to the aristocratic grandeur once again, but in a more artistic way. The word 'Belvedere' means 'beautiful view'; as a former palaces (Upper and Lower Belvedere) for the Habsburg’s and Prince Eugene of Savoy’s, this palace has become one of the famous place for the high society people dated back then of getting together, and, showing their family portraits to the elites and famous, as one of the most visited museum in Vienna, one of the most famous master art – ‘The Kiss’, painted by the world renowned Austrian master painter, Mr. Gustav Klimt, showcased inside this museum along with some other magnificent art works by this master painter, of course, one can also find a selection of artwork by a great artist who, also as the student of Klimt’s - Mr. Egon Schiele, in this museum.

For those who are planning to visit this beautiful city of music, I sincerely hope this series can help you out especially for those who are interested to discover more about ancient European / Viennese historic architecture and art. There are still a lot of amazing places in Vienna that waiting for us to discover, why not share with me and our lovely readers if you have any great places or suggestions?

Until then, einen schönen Tag!

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