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Sumptuous Viennese pamper – Sacher Boutique Spa, Vienna

Who doesn’t yearn for a relaxing indulgence after having a long day? For me certainly a ‘yes’ especially after spending too much time exploring so many museums and monuments around Vienna which made my shoulders and feet hurts. After having a slice of the delicious Original Sacher-Torte from the prestigious Café Sacher (it’s also one of their signature pastry by the way), I just got an instant inspiration of getting myself a perfect treat of relaxation.

Situation right inside the prestigious Hotel Sacher, the Sacher Boutique Spa is a sophisticated and luxurious paradise for incredible body treatments, from the body massage, facial even manicure. A private and exclusive spa that provide a welcoming and relaxing ambient, thanks to its peaceful and elegant interior in neo-classical opulence meets the serenity and calming atmosphere in a pearl white walls, luxurious dark furniture in velvet grey upholstery, such harmonious mix of Viennese classic and calming sensuality literally brings one an ultimate luxurious pampering experience.

I was instantly greeted by an incredibly friendly and sincere masseur therapist, Tina, who guided me through the professional massage package available then narrow down the one that suits me the best, follow by a warm welcoming drink before proceed to the changing room, and, be seated comfortably in a secluded waiting area, the relaxing waiting area resonates the poolside cabana of a resort with the beach chairs and soft music, a perfect prelude before the body treatment.

Finally I was escorted to the private and elegant treatment room, a well-equipped salon with a calming ambient instantly brings me to the mode of relaxation, having Tina’s professionalism to go through with me about the treatment and the special consultation makes the entire experience much enjoyable. The St. Barth Harmony massage package is perfect for business traveler or tourist, tackling the fatique and muscle tension after long travel or long day walk, the massage basically targeted the entire body, starting with the tension release massage from both legs then the upper body and shoulders, guests may address for a specific area they wish to focus, or massage pressure preference which they would like to tackle the most from the fatique to the therapist in order to remedy. A classic massage package takes 60 mins, yet, the Spa also provide two other options to cope with your need either a 30-min package that you simply steal from your hectic business appointments, or, a longer 90-min which takes you to a deeper relaxation mode and reboot your energy for another exciting visit around the city.

After the refreshing massage and relaxation in this elegant and tranquil Sacher Boutique Spa, one can truly experience another kind of Viennese beauty apart from its spectacular architecture, music and art, but a stylish and gentle pamper right in the heart of the city.

Image courtesy of Sacher Boutique Spa, Vienna

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