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Easy luxury – Hircus Cashmere, Paris

I always have a great fond of cashmere, the softness and lightness of the fabric, the warmth and comfort when one wears it, it literally like a touch from a feather. A great cashmere sweater almost became a must-have for me whenever I travel (as you never know how chilly it will get inside the plane sometimes), never underestimate the versatility of a cashmere sweater, it can reduce so much hassle wherever you go, a classic one can always be a great substitute with a heavy jacket during summer time, and can look as sophisticated as it is with a crispy clean shirt and a pair of polished slacks.

Speaking of cashmere, not only it reveals my little secret passion about this heaven-like and luxurious garment, I believe it’s also a destiny from the cashmere God to bring me to get to know this emerging cashmere house in Paris – Hircus, a cashmere specialty label that founded by a passionate and energetic French duo, Mr. Jean-Nicolas Payart and Mr. Louis-Erard Bataille, since 2014.

It was a hot summer day when I passed by their clean and chic store in the fashionable Marais in Paris by accident, my attention simply drew by one of their colorful classic cashmere by the window with a series of fashionable color in different design right behind it, I then proceed inside when Jean was delicately folding some of the luxurious sweaters ready to showcase for their customer. I instantly greeted by this young gentleman, and having his welcoming sunshine smile to lead me to discover their collection behind.

After their journey in inner Mongolia, both Jean and Louis developed a strong passion and bond with this luxurious and rare material in the world – cashmere, which comes from the cashmere goat that breed in the high mountain at the temperature sometimes as low as minus 40 degree celsius, with their effort and passion, they began to develop a collection of superb quality cashmere sweater in an approachable price by eliminate the intermediaries from the resellers, yet, under a rigorous production progress, which in turn making this ‘garment of the king’ into a more affordable, and more importantly, quintessentially French chic fashion piece that can be carried over from the wardrobe from one season to another (with proper care of course!).

Going for timeless classic, the simple high v-neck, or, the zip-up cardigan (either in both shawl collar or hoodie) are perfect for your all-year-round wardrobe from a range of color choices from the soft heather grey to energetic burgundy.

A Brittany-inspired multi-striped pullover that reflects the nautical mood, ideal for the yachting activity that gives extra luxurious feel and comfort. For some of you who fond of little fashion details, the Golfin sweater will possibly a great pick with its chic tri-color stripes around the neck, sleeves’ end and the bottom of the sweater.

To both Jean and Louis, quality is always the key, no matter it’s from the production or the method you preserve your cashmere pieces, you can easily find the practical guide from Hircus about how to wash and handle your cashmere piece, a good piece of cashmere sweater is just like a good friend, the more care you give them, the more care (and warmth) they give you in return.

In the past, Cashmere is considered as a luxury item (which it still is today) that can cost someone a fortune to own one, with the revolutionary magic of Hircus, now owning a piece of precious cashmere is no longer a hassle but an easy-going luxury and chic that you can find, in particular, in the neighborhood of Marais.

Image courtesy of Hircus Cashmere, Paris

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