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Tracing of the great writer – Oscar Wilde ‘Insolence incarnate’ exhibition, Paris

“The consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and richness to life that nothing else can bring.” – a quote by the one of the most renowned writer, Oscar Wilde, it is still a beautiful read even when I read it nowadays, I simply cannot resist to make it as part of my new book which launched in late Jun.

I remember how close that it gets me to trace the history of this great writer when I was spending my afternoon tea in L’hotel in Paris last year, the property (formerly named Hotel d’Alsace) where Oscar spent the final days of his life, in room 16 to be precise. I always try to picture how much he has been through to get to that point: the sorrow, the misery, adding the coldness in the city even things around him become lack of vitality, compare with his earlier life living in such a flamboyant lifestyle, surrounded himself by the most amazing and refined clothing, fellow intellects and glamour, now it was all gone that became a past tense that left him a lonely person, without money nor love but simply his consciousness and intellectual mind to keeps him live on, until his last breath on Earth. Sometimes I do have a feeling that resonates to his situation, the heartbreaking feeling that even unspeakable through words that somehow that better leave it unsaid, the sadness that cannot even be seen in the form of tears as it’s much hurtful and sad that the weeping only inside his heart, that’s the moment that I almost, and will, extend my hands to gently hold his’, and send this great writer my biggest care and warmth possible.

Surely it is just a silly imagination after all, but for some who adore and worship the great work by this remarkable writer and dandy, and yearning to feel some of his treasures that left us, the exhibition - Oscar Wilde ‘Insolence incarnate’ will certainly be a wonderful treat for your intellectual craving.

As the first major exhibition in France devoted to this famous writer, this exhibition will be held in the Petit Palais starting 28th Sept until 15th Jan 2017, more than 200 remarkable exhibits that some of them have never been shown before, included manuscripts, photographs, drawings, caricatures and personal effects. Also of course paintings that borrowed not only from Ireland and England, but also from the United States, Canada and Italy, and the French institutions including Musée d'Orsay and the Bibliothèque nationale de France, plus from various private collections.

Get ready to trace back the links of the artistic and intellectual scenes in late 19th century Paris, and of course, the extraordinary life of this great writer, that waiting for you at Petit Palais.

Image courtesy of Petit Palais, Musée des Beaux Arts de la Ville de Paris

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