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Luxe globetrotter – Berluti FW2016

It’s time to change the wardrobe for the Fall season, nothing is more poetic than digging all the warm coats and soft sweaters out from the winter trunk, feel the softness of the fabric mixed with the light fragrance from the scented drawer sheets. Either the wardrobe changing is simply for the daily attire or travelling, what makes me think of Fall season is usually the warm and earthy palette, the beautiful hue of brown from either the earth or dried leaves, or the pumpkin orange and the sunset yellow that brings the mood of autumn (and sometimes, thanksgiving too), somehow that makes me thinking of the luxurious menswear Fall collection from Berluti this year, it simply hits the spot of my Fall palette craving.

As an extract from a journey of the desert landscape of Marfa, Texas, the color palette of this season are much surrounded by the tones from the desert, from the earthy buffalo brown, rust orange to cactus-flower violet, then going into the night time in scorpion black, prickly-pear and stone shades of red.

The silhouette is about informal proportions, a balance of soft and sharp, light with volume. Boxy tops such as coats, bombers or tailored jackets, they are cut with a natural shoulder, which gives a much relaxed and comfortable feel while looks luxurious at the same time. Paired with carrot fit trousers made with sumptuous fabrics such as mohair, with subtle details such as cuffed and cut short on the leg, gives it a more functional and versatile look. In terms of details, the jacquard intarsia is certainly noteworthy which can be found in the luxurious cashmere alpaca coats and cashmere sweaters, the eye-catching vertical and horizontal stripes creates a mosaic-like tessellated effect that gives a stylish twist to the assemble.

Of course when it comes to the leather goods which the house is renowned for, one of the highlight is the introduction of the new trainer named ‘Fast Track’, features a running style profile and rubber sole. Another noteworthy is the luxurious luggage items, such as the four-zip quatre jours bag, the weekend bag in grain leather, and the soft, tactile document envelope, which forms the perfect combination with the ready-to-wear collection that brings out more personality, and, versatility for different occasions through out the day.

Perhaps instead of digging the pieces from the winter trunk, one should just go for this clever and sumptuous collection, since it had everything that this Fall season should feel like.

Image courtesy of Berluti / Karla Otto Hong Kong

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